Realistic Ways to Beat Jet Lag and Other Effects of Travel

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Jet-lag is the by-product of high-speed air-travel across several time zones. Techniques to combat the situation are available abound on the internet but only realistic ways to beat jet lag are useful for travellers rather than various ideal advices that cannot be really implemented.

Planning accordingly

Planning post-journey activities according to the climate and the time zone of the destination is crucial for every traveller. A stroll along the river, beach or park, a yoga or massage session, etc. are the realistic ways to beat jet lag in case of crossing several time zones in a single or connected journey. It is also good if going to or returning from summer or winter vacation to a different weather condition and similar overlaps.

Sleeping during flight

People who have travelled before should assess how easily they can sleep on the aeroplane. Those who are good at sleeping during flight can try to plan their journey that includes one flight and arrives at the destination in the morning. This is a completely realistic way to beat jet lag as the person gets to sleep during flight and can step into the daytime activities without letting his body demand sleep. On the contrary, those who cannot sleep on the aeroplane should try to schedule a flight that arrives at the destination in the evening or afternoon. In this way, they will have just enough time to meet prerequisites, bathe and dine and collapse to sleep.

Caucasian businessman napping in airport

Drinking water

Obviously, fluid will not be allowed in or out past the custom but water rehydrates like no other drink and can keep the body up better than people expect the usual colourless compound. So, realistic way to beat jet lag is to drink as much water as one can on the plane and carry an empty reusable foldable bottle to be filled once past the custom. Besides, packaged water can be found in abundance at the airport.

Bedtime sleep

It is believed that getting involved in urgent, important or refreshing activities after reaching the destination is better than succumbing to overwhelming desire of sleeping. On the contrary, if the effect of the journey prevents from sleeping, travellers must still go to bed by or before midnight at the destination. These techniques make body adjust quickly to the new environment and readies travellers to continue with the purpose of the visit rather than deal with effects of journey.

Awareness and conscious behaviour

The best and the general realistic way to beat jet lag is being aware of the fact that jet-lag feeling is result of the long journey and is bound to happen. This awareness has to be complemented by conscious behaviour against the overwhelming feeling and doing what is really effective in the condition. Simply giving in to the effect will take longer for the condition to improve.

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