How to Be a Better Bargainer Abroad

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Shopping has the hearts of millions. Some shop till it burns a hole in their pockets, such shopaholics knows no particular and marked territory, it could be high-end brands or the amazing stuff down the streets, if you go with the latter, bargaining comes as a part and parcel of it but sometimes even good bargainers seems to lose ground in a new country or city due to various barriers like that of language, currency, etc., so then how to be a better bargainer abroad? Here is all you need to know and do in a place foreign to your senses and suitability.

Pick up the local language

The first and foremost thing to do in a foreign land is brush up with the local language so that you may understand what others are trying to put across and would help you sail through a smooth conversation, sometimes not knowing the basic language puts you at a disadvantage to the extent that people taking you to be a novice in the land would trick into your gullibility and play down your ignorance further especially at time where bargaining is concerned.

Know the conversions right

Do in depth analysis of the country’s currency and its accurate conversions.

Better Bargainer Abroad

Act friendly not grumpy

Sometimes a pleasing smile and gregarious nature would help to coax the vendors into getting a better bargain, a sullen and aggressive mood would definitely spoil your chances.

Be confident of the price you want

Acting friendly doesn’t mean you come across an unsure and confused buyer who would be bought into buying any xyz deals, be firm and look confident.

Search through the market

However if you feel the vendor is not succumbing to your demands then it is better to walk away and scour through the market, usually the same thing is available in many stores and interestingly the price may vary accordingly, haste makes waste remember! Take your time.

Start with the lowest price possible

The sellers on seeing foreign tourists start with triple the actual selling price of the commodity commit this to your memory whenever you are out shopping.

Never make evident your fondness of the product

You might spoil your choices by voicing your admiration and there you go! You will be anyhow tricked into the bargain of the seller’s choice.

Get a local to help you out

If possible let a locale or a guide accompany you to the shopping, it would prove to be bliss since they are acquainted with the market prices and rates.

Personal detachment

Lastly I would suggest a personal detachment from the items to be purchased as too much attachment is the buyer’s disadvantage plus you know it too that such items are waiting your purchase at various places other than the one where you fail to get the best deal.

Hoping the above mentioned tips and advices satiates the ever potent question of how to be a better bargainer abroad. And at last what works the best for me personally while shopping abroad is following the mantra; when in foreign do what foreigners do!

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