10 Best Food Trucks in NYC

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There are some things that restaurants fail to provide. Something about the tedious task of waiting for your food and being surrounded by constant chitter-chatter can be very off-putting. So, for those people who refuse to bow down to the demands of these establishments foods trucks are an awesome alternative. Here are some of best picks for you to try out.

1. The GoGo Grill

The GoGo Grill

This lunch carts’ menu is full of a unique variety of dishes. They provide an interesting combination of burgers, salads, platters and sandwiches. Their recommended list contains the pulled pork sandwich, the falafel platter and the lovely braised pork on English muffin.

2. Uncle Gussys

Uncle Gussys Food Truck

This divine food truck comes all the way from Mt. Olympus and serves some of the most lip-smacking Greek dishes. It has an excellent meat platter, fries to kill for, lamb gyros and the peoples’ favorite combo platter for just $7.

3. Korilla BBQ

Korilla BBQ

This mobile Korean BBQ joint is the talk of the town, its famous for its Korean-inspired dishes. The menu is mostly dominated by tacos and burrito with Korean-inspired fillers.  The recommended dishes here are the Chosun bowl and the bacon kimchi fried rice and whatever you get make sure you take a generous helping of the kimchi.

4. The Cinnamon Snail

Cinnamon Snail Food Truck

A special entry for the vegans, this food truck enables them to eat on the go. The menu is an ever changing one, mostly seasonal in nature. Its highlight is the breakfast platters, the pastries and the delicious morning coffee.

5. El Omega

El Omega Food Truck

If you are a fan of pupusas the Lainez family can do you no wrong.  The truck is solely dedicated to this Mexican dish and comes with some insane fillers like pork, cheese, jalapeños, and chicken topped with salsa and sour cream.

6. Luke’s Lobster


Straight from the docks of Maine, this food truck provides you with the freshest and the cheapest lobster rolls in the entire city. The rolls are masterfully crafted keeping in mind the precarious balance of flavour and meat.

7. Bian Dang

Bian Dang Food Truck

This Taiwanese treat just doesn’t stop at dumpling but goes way beyond it. It offers authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Do not forget to try the tian-bu-la (fish cake), the zong-zi, and the steamed mini pork buns.

8. Waffle and Dinges

Waffle and Dinges Food Truck

This food truck serves authentic Belgian i.e. thin and crispy and Liege i.e. soft and chewy waffles. It also provided the customers with a mad range of toppings from savoury to sweet like Nutella, dulce de leche, maple syrup and so on.

9. Mysttik Masaala

Mysttik Masaala

It offers South Asian cuisine, a mix of home cooked Indian food, street chaat style, Nepali and Tibetan cuisine. The menu has dishes like the chicken vindaloo, lamb kofta, kadi pakora, chole and their speciality and the top seller the samosa chaat.

10. The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys

An amazing place for cheap eats, this food truck is a godsend for the meat lovers of NYC. The gyros are highly recommended, they also have a brilliant array of meat platters and combos. It is definitely worth the hype.

If you like value for money and love the idea of enjoying your meal minus the wearisome and mundane experience of eating at restaurants , food trucks are a must try for you. If you still haven’t given it a try it is highly recommended you do.

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