Feeling hot, hot, hot

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Sunshine generally comes along with heat, especially during summer, and for some that poses a problem. Are you one of those people that can’t stand the heat and likes a pleasant temperature? Or someone who loves the blazing inferno of summer? I think I fall somewhere between the two, but there are important health factors you need to think about when it comes to the sun and heat.

Arriving at your destination stressed out won’t help your general health regardless of the temperature, so cut your panic and stress, and arrive chilled-out. To do this, I always say ‘no’ to trains, coaches and expensive taxis, and instead take the laid-back option of driving myself. I regularly booking Gatwick Short Stay parking, and my travel plans are much more enjoyable as a result. I also find that the first couple of days in resort are less tiring, because I’m more chilled-out. Park BCP have some fantastic rates available on nationwide parking, so check out what’s available near you, and that way you’ll be sure to give yourself the best possible start.

Summer Travel

Stress is a big fun killer, but it can also have serious health affects, not least affecting your judgement and decision making. When you’re out in the sun, you need to have your wits about you, and remember the three must-dos – sun-cream, hat, water. Heat exhaustion is no fun, so always take regular breaks from the sun, and if possible, make like the Spanish and use siesta time to escape the hottest hours.

You won’t get a the best tan by sitting there all day baking, in fact all you’ll do is burn, peel, feel ill, and look patchy and frazzled. That is never a good look. The key to building up a lasting tan is to go slowly, keep applying sun-cream regularly, and to avoid burning at all costs. A high SPF is essential, and if you go in the water, remember to re-apply.

Boat trips are often where people fall foul of sunstroke, because of course the sun is more intense when you’re out in open water, and you’ll feel the effects much quicker than you would if you were sat on the beach.

It’s not shameful to want to sit in the shade, in fact, it makes health sense, and therefore you’re the sensible one! You don’t want to ruin your evening by sitting in bed with a severe headache and sickness thanks to too much sun.

Heat and the sun might feel wonderful when you’ve been cocooned in winter for months, but remember that with everything good, there is usually a downside. Protect yourself and keep your wits about you, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come home with a golden tan.

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