Beautiful Places to Spend a Rainy Day

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For people in love, every day seems a celebration as togetherness is one big party of its kind, yet there is the nature’s blessing in the form of rains that calls for instant festivity and why only lovers, children, friends and adults love to get drenched and let the heaven pour down on them, there are such beautiful places to spend on a rainy day that will leave you mesmerized and rejuvenated. Need not always be super mushy locations like the ones they show in movies but where spending time feels divine, and the heart and soul rejoices in the happiness and beauty of the nature granted.

Rain has been romanticized everywhere round the globe with so many love songs dedicated to rainy days, there is indeed the sweetness of the memories and the freedom of soul that unchains itself when the heaven decides to pour. So where must one spend the rainy days? Sometimes you know you do not have to look beyond the premises of your immediate territory; here are some of the ideas.

Rainy Day

Backyard of your house or your garden

What works best than the comfort of your own garden or backyard, dance in the rain, play football with friends, or just lie down on the muddy turfs followed by a hot cup of coffee post the heavy rains, heavenly!

Long drive to nearby hills

Hills and rains make a killer combination, you do not have to pack your bag and baggage and head to the hills but for people residing in a city like Mumbai in India can drive their way to the Malabar hills foot in few hours and make the fullest of the wet day, do not drive rash though as roads could be slippery, be safe!

Head to your immediate and beautiful resorts

Resorts on a rainy day make an interesting stay, with so much to do in the resort like cycling, playing pool or just getting wet on the balcony of your cottage, life is surely good.

Swimming pools

Swimming on rainy days is one the best days you would have in the lifetime, laying on the pool with eyes fixed on the sky glittered with glamorous stars, what one feels goes beyond the description of words.

Head to nearest beaches

Drive your day to the nearest yet beautiful golden beaches, sand water and only water! Book the beach resorts to spend the night there so that you may see the sun rising the next dawn and believe me experiencing nature at its striking best is a thing of beauty and joy forever!

Water parks

Rains plus the water rides is the best way to beat the heat and let your hair down, your kids will love the idea and would bring the family together for day of thrill excitement and above all togetherness.

Apart from the above mentioned beautiful places to spend a rainy day you could indulge in a hot cup of coffee with the most loved companion in a coffee bar, there are some experiences in life that words cannot ever describe.

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