5 Must Have Items in Your Carry on Luggage

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Lost luggage happens all the time, which is why so many travelers quake in fear at the idea of checking their bags. Carry-on luggage is pretty much essential, but what do you pack in your bag? Here is a list of important items you should carry-on so don’t get caught without something you need.

Don’t Forget Documentation


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Your ID, passport, additional tickets, and hotel information are some of the most essential items you need to have in your carry-on bag. You never want to get caught without various forms of ID, especially your passport. While you might have lots of luck booking cheap hotels, your reservations won’t do you any good if you end up losing proof of your identity. These items should go into a protected pocket. Ideally, put them all together in a file folder or even a protective bag, then stow them away into a pocket you don’t unzip under any circumstances.

Pack Up Your Entertainment Essentials

Entertainment Essentials

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You’ll never survive a flight without your entertainment options. For you, this might consist of books and magazines, an eReader, a laptop, or various games and puzzles. Your cell phone should go in there as well. Remember airline policy on using electronics during takeoff and touchdown, however. It’s in your best interest to have a few paperbacks too. Since you’ll likely use these items more often, make sure they’re safely packed near the top of your bag, within easy reach.

Include Must-Have Health Items

If you wear contacts, get headaches, have allergy problems, or get dry eyes in the air, you need certain health items and medications. You can take these on your flight, although you can’t take an entire pharmacy with you. Include toiletries, such as small bottles of soap, shampoo, or perfume. Pack just the essentials, perhaps with several kinds of medication in just one bottle. All health items should go into another pocket. This provides you with easy access, plus if you need to show security, you can quickly do so.

Keep Yourself Comfortable


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Health and comfort are two different things. On any flight, earplugs are highly recommended, just in case of screaming children—poor things, with their popping ears. You may also want to pack your own blanket, or at least a supportive pillow, and maybe even something to cover your eyes. Smaller items can easily go in one of your bag’s pockets. Pillows and blankets should go over your entertainment items, especially if you have electronics—instant padding.

Never Get Caught Naked


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Since you never know if your checked luggage will arrive at the same time you do, you need a change of clothes. You don’t want to get caught naked, nor do you want to run out of clean clothing and underwear. One change of clothes, some undergarments, and a bathing suit should do it. Pack these under everything else, since they’re a last resort.

With these items in your carry on, you’ll survive just about anything. Have you ever been stuck without any essentials when you travel?

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