10 Must-have Travel Gadgets

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Travel gadgets and accessories have become almost unavoidable in any journey. Check out the ten must-have travel gadgets for 2015 to choose the right ones that will entertain and help you on the go. With electronic gadgets flooding the market every day, it becomes hard to decide which device to carry on your vacation. Here is a list that will help you make a better choice.

1. Smartphones


The best feature about smartphones is that they can easily fit in the pockets and are at the same time ideal for travelling. You can take beautiful pictures and edit them on your trip with the right apps. Check emails and stay connected with friends and family on social networking sites. You can use apps such as Google Maps, Spotify, Trip Advisor and Shazam! Book worms can read books on the go.

2. The Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

This simple yet versatile device is fast gaining popularity. Travelers and photographers use this to capture images of stunning places and scenes better in a selfie. You could also use the convenient monopod as a tripod for certain point-and-shoot cameras. It adds a personal touch to the photos.

3. Sony Alpha 7S

Sony Alpha

For passionate photographers, the 12.2 megapixel Alpha 7S full frame camera has so much to offer. You can click pictures in faintest light also, with its 50-409,600 ISO. You can take 4K video with this cam and use it with Sony’s E-mount lenses. You can also use it with A-mount lenses with the help of an adaptor.

4. Mini Surge Protector


You can charge your electronic items like mobiles, laptops and cameras, all at once with this device. When travelling to different places, you may not find reliable source of power to charge your electronics. To avoid surges and power outages choose the best product which charges your devices without damaging them.

5. MacBook Air 11-inch


This updated MacBook version from Apple is the leading tech device in notebooks. It battery runs for up to nine hours. You can easily carry this portable product and write your adventure tales and blogs while travelling. The iLife and iWork apps provide a great way to stay engaged.

6. GoPro HERO4


This small, but powerful camera records your photos or videos in HD. This camera is so versatile that you will be more than excited to use it. You can wear it and capture great shots. Be it surfing or snowboarding or diving, you can catch all your adventures and experiences with this incredible product.

7. Power Bank


You can charge your electronic products with this easy to carry charger. With the two USB outlets, this device is a must when travelling. Being small, it can be carried along anywhere with convenience.

8. Samsung K Zoom


Most people prefer to carry their smartphone when travelling, as it can be used to take pictures as well. This phone has 10x optical zoom that enables you to capture photos which are not possible with any other smartphone. You can carry it easily in your pockets and click pictures with much ease.

9.  Noise Cancelling Earphones


Earphones are a must for music lovers wherever they go. But it gets noisy when travelling. These earphones help in blocking outside noise and help you enjoy your music in peace. You get three sets of different sizes of ear buds. These rubber earphones are comfortable on your ears too.

10. USB Wireless Antenna


When you have to work while you are travelling, these will come in very handy. If you are staying in hotel rooms or hostels where the router is going off your room’s range, you can use these to up the wireless range. This small, portable product is also inexpensive.

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