Examine the Travel Essentials List for Women Before Getting Onboard

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Journey is one major activity that calls almost every individual once or twice in a year but the variations may be there. It may be that you are heading for a holiday with your lover or for an official meeting for business purposes but the important thing is that you have to travel and for that, you need to pack your bags. For the holidays, you still have some time to think and pack your bag. However, for an immediate official trip popping up, you need to put in the most important essentials that can lead you to trouble if you are not carrying them.

Travel essentials list for womenUnwinding the most essential travel essentials list for women

Though women plan well about all the essential things needed daily they sometimes tend to forget to carry the essentials while they are going for a trip. There is some of the more common stuff which women tend to forget and this stuff includes toothbrush, nail paint, comb, napkins, etc. It is thus necessary to go through the travel essentials list for women before saying goodbye. Take tissue or toilet papers with you because all the toilets are not as well-stocked as the one at your home. If you do not want to rinse then your own toilet papers will help a lot. These are also useful if you catch cold or to wipe your hands during the journey.

Check the travel essentials list for women to avoid missing important stuff

Being a woman, you know how important is to have sanitary napkins for that particular time of the month. Prepare a bag of tampons and pads, sufficient to get through your whole period and do not forget to keep an emergency pad in your daypack or jacket. Travelling can disturb your regularity and you may have the periods before expected time. It will not disturb your budget if you throw some plastic bags in your pack, but you will be surprised to see how useful they are. Keep one in your daypack for trash and use the rest of them to store your dirty clothes or shoes. Women are a little more concerned about hygiene as compared to men.

A small container of hand sanitizer will serve the purpose of soap and water after a visit to a less hygienic public toilet or to wash hands before meals in the middle of nowhere. Do not underestimate the importance of head tie if your hair is long. Make sure to have four or five extras in your toiletry kit. These will help to tie your hair, keep small items together and to tie up the bags. Do not forget to keep a nail cutter in your bag because men are notorious for forgetting this item. But do not try to cut your toenail with someone’s kitchen scissors or your pocket knife, if you forget to carry a nail cutter.

Remember to carry a sarong, the all purpose garment. Basically, it is a large rectangle of cloth which can be used in many ways such as a scarf, a bedspread, a dress ….and the list goes on. Lighten your load by carrying a small hand towel or a travel towel for keeping you dry after swimming or showers, and use your sarong as a beach blanket. Do not forget to keep your most comfortable bra, at least two in number and two or three underwear. Do you want to look like an exhausted sap in your vacation photos? If not, then take a small cosmetic bag and keep mascara, tinted lip-gloss and face-powder in it.

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