Prepare to Be Mesmerized with the Most Fascinating Water Fountains

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One thing that is certain is there is something magical and soothing about the beauty of the running waters. Especially when the running water is used to run through the fountains, it always seeks out the attention of the passersby. No matter the shape and size of the fountain, they are guaranteed to steal the attention of the viewer. The view of a fountain is enhanced when it is placed in the perfect enclosing. When the factors like the design, the enclosure and the sculpture match perfectly, the outcome will be the most fascinating water fountain.

Some of the most fascinating water fountains across the globe

Most Fascinating Water Fountains

The Burj  Fountain, Dubai

This magnificent fountain is located in Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This fountain is the most technically advanced and largest fountain in the world. This $218 million fountain was revealed in the month of May in the year 2009. The fountain has similarity with the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas, however it is much bigger than the Bellagio fountain and the height it shoots water is as high as a 50 story building.

Fountain of Wealth, Singapore

As per the Guinness book of world records this fountain holds the record of being the world’s largest fountain. Standing in the Suntec city mall in Singapore, this fountain is about 13.8 meters or 45 feet high, its name comes as per the local folklore. It is said that those who circle this oval shaped fountain constantly touching the water with hand, will have great wealth and fortune.

The Nations Friendship Fountain, Moscow, Russia

The unique 16 gilded statues representing the theme of this fountain – friendship, are what make up the name of this impressive fountain. It is also known as the People’s Friendship Fountain. The fountain is located in the plaza located just outside of All-Russia Exhibition Centre. Each of the gilded statues is the representation of each nation formerly associated with the Republic of Soviet Union. The fountain commemorates the times when Russia was the USSR.

La Joute Fountain, Canada, Montreal

There can be no other water displays in the world more dramatic and dynamic as the one renowned as the La Joute Fountain in Montreal, Canada. This dramatic fountain was created by Jean-Paul Riopelle in the year of 1969. He dramatized the mechanic in such a way that when the fountain is running on a kinetic sequence of about 32 minutes, the sequence ends with a display of a fire ring stunning in the island.

The Buckingham Fountain, Chicago

The Buckingham Fountain, Chicago is one of the most remarkable fountains in the world. Located in the Congress Parkway, and Columbus Drive in Chicago, Buckingham fountain was first started in the year 1927. A major water display is produced at an interval of every hour and lasts for 20 minutes.

And throughout the time 133 jets of water are spread. The center jet shoots water approximately 150 meters high. The display time starts from 10 am to 11am and in the night the display is adding more colors as it goes along with light and music display. There are about 820 lights that are composed by the music and water display.

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