Essential Travel Gear List on a Vacation

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The essential travel gear selection depends on the purpose of the trip and geographic location. You need to carry all the required equipment if you do not want to compromise on the tour. It is necessary to have all the essential travel gear items required on the trip to make it a success. If you carry these you definitely overcome all the hazards. Instead of wasting time searching for them in new places it is better to carry your own. The list is as follows:

Medium bags: Always carry your items in three to four waterproof bags instead of one or two big bags as it will become difficult to carry and also take out essential items on time. If it is small bags you can share the luggage and also can plan and carry with much ease and comfort.

Medium bags


Map, compass and wrist watch for navigation: A map and compass will lead you throughout your journey. Without them it is like searching for something in darkness. So it is always better to have them in your essential travel gear. Wrist watch helps to plan your activities for the day depending on the time.

Map, compass and wrist watch for navigation

Tent for Shelter: Carrying a tent for shelter will help you to take rest in the middle of your adventure or overnight outing.

Tent for Shelter

Fire starters like lighter or matchbox: To keep you away from cold or for safety throughout the night during overnight outings it is essential to carry them. Also you can prepare tea or coffee for yourself.

Fire starters like lighter or matchbox

Travel Clothes Line: Instead of carrying huge luggage by including all wet clothes it is always better to have a travel clothes line. It allows you to dry all washed or wet clothes by hanging them on it.

Travel Clothes Line

Portable water purifier: Purified water is not available all the time. So it is safe to have your own portable water purifier to keep you away from ill health.

Portable water purifier

Tools like repair kit, pocket knife, sewing kit and duct tape:  You can never anticipate future. Sewing kit helps in sewing damaged bags or clothes. A pocket knife includes many items. It helps as a bottle opener, scissor to cut and as repairing gear.

Tools like repair kit, pocket knife, sewing kit and duct tape

Flash light: It is helpful during power cuts and also when you are out on your night outings.

Flash light

Small zip locks: It is always safe to lock your bags when you are not carrying them especially when you leave them in a hotel. Staying on safe side is lot better than worrying after losing your stuff.

Small zip locks

Adapter or universal plug: Electronic gadgets differ from place to place. You may not find the same in other places. So it is better to carry your own. It also helps when you are travelling.

Adapter or universal plug

Emergency blanket: It is useful when you are on outings especially during overnight outings.

Emergency blanket

Money belt: Having all your money, credit and debit cards in your money belt keeps you in peace as it will be always with you either in hotel room, plane, cab or on outings.

Money belt

First aid kit: Last but not the least in essential travel gear list. Always include a first aid kit in your travel gear list as you never know what happens. It is worse to fall sick during your vacation but the medicines will help you recover soon.

First aid kit

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