The World’s Most Interesting Museums

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Here are some of the world’s most interesting museums that will not only help you enjoy your travel trip but also are the best educational places you can find on the move.

It is a significant habit among every one of us to support any work of art and beauty. We all have this orthodox habit of collecting things which have a mark of significance and creation of beauty. This habit is consistently seen throughout the history. And creation of the museums does not only signify this but also show that we are conscious about safekeeping these items for our future generations to see. Here in this topic we will give a brief idea about the world’s most interesting museums and their contents that have the essence of our past.

World’s Most Interesting Museums

Vatican Museums

Founded in the 6th century AD by the Pope Julius II, Vatican museums of the Vatican City are the museums that showcase and preserve legendary works like the paintings on the Sistine Chapel, an undying work of Michelangelo. The painting of the Sistine Chapel took place in the years from 1508 to 1512 under the patronage of Pope Julius II. The crowning achievement of Michelangelo the painting of the Last Judgment and the ceiling is what gave the supreme importance to the museum.

Louvre, Paris

Located in the historic city of Paris the Louvre museum attracts a great number of visitors around the world. The museum started in 1793 and was housed in the Louvre Royal Palace. The well known pyramid made out of glass was added in the year of 1989 and now serves as the entrance to the museum. The Louvre museum mostly exhibits items from various origins like the classical Greece and Rome relics and artifacts, and also artifacts of the ancient Egyptians, and Napoleonic France. But the thing that makes the Louvre Museum famous is Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Egyptian Museums

Egyptian museum in the city of Cairo is home to almost 120,000 artifacts having the ancient Egyptian essence. The museum in Cairo is amongst the most popular museums of the world. Due to the mysterious ancient Egyptian myths and history, people are now more curious about knowing the Egyptian history than the histories of other cultures. The Egyptian museum in Cairo consists of two floors namely the first floor and the ground floor. The first floor has the collection of artifacts of the last two dynasties of the ancient Egypt. And the ground floor comprises of an extensive collection of papyrus and the coins that were used in the ancient times.

The first floor also has the artifacts that were brought from the Valley of the Kings. Including the mummy of Tutankhamen and 27 other royal mummies of the ancient times of the Pharaohs, and the objects brought from their tombs.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia

Situated in the Mexico City the Museo Nacional de Antropologia or the National Museum of Anthropology contains the artifacts of the pre-Columbian heritage. Started in the year of 1964 this museum also has artifacts of the lost Aztec and Mayan cultures. The most well known artifact is the Sacred Cenote from the Chichen Itza and the giant stone heads of the Olmec civilization. Also the museum exhibits the Stone of the Sun.

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