10 Most Popular Water Parks to Visit During Summers

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Water parks are always cool for summers. Here is a list of 10 most popular water parks that people must visit, if they live nearby these or happen to their respective countries.

1. Blizzard Beach

This water park in Orlando in Florida has 4 different sections for different kinds of water enthusiasts. Besides, there are bars and pubs, unlike most other water parks.

Blizzard Beach

2. Hurricane Harbour

This creation of Six Flags is a sure spot to experience adventure. The water park remains open every day of the year. Body slides, raft rides, rivers and wave pools together constitute to 23 different rides that Hurricane Harbour offers.

Hurricane Harbour

3. Kalahari Resorts

A hybrid experience of outdoor and indoor water rides await people in the Kalahari Resorts. The FlowRider is among the most popular of indoor rides while wave pools and basketball pools are popular among outdoor features.

Kalahari Resorts

4. Mt. Olympus Water Park

There are 4 separate attractions integrated by Mt. Olympus Water Park. Both the water park and the theme park of Mt. Olympus have two versions – the outdoor version and the indoor version. Body slides, raft rides, rivers, tube slides, water coasters and wave pools are just a few to name.

Mt. Olympus Water Park

5. Noah’s Ark

Although there are 18 different water-parks in Wisconsin, Noah’s Ark deserves to be among 10 most popular water parks. It is spread over 70 acre of land and remains open from May to September.

noah’s ark water park

6. Raging Waters

It is the largest water park in California and remains open from May to September. It has several thrilling water rides. Apart from its rides, its accessibility from nearby places, such as Los Angeles and Riverside, is another factor of its popularity.

raging waters water park

7. Schlitterbahn Water Park

There are certain features that Schlitterbahn Park offers that are unique to it and no other park has. Transportainment is a stream of water that allows visitors to stay in water even when they are going to or coming from a particular spot.

Schlitterbahn Water Park

8. Tropical Islands

Most of the actions of Tropical Island water-park are contained the Dome, which is among the biggest buildings by volume in the world. Apart from slides, the park has beaches, rain forest and tropical pool. It is situated in the middle of Bavaria.

tropical islands water park

9. Wild Wadi Park

It is situated next to Burj al Arab. There are 8 uphill water rides, two surf machines and the biggest water slide other than the USA. Surely, this place has a lot to offer to people who visit Dubai for tourism purpose.

Wild Wadi Park

10. World Water Park

It is the largest indoor water park on the surface of the Earth, inside one among the largest malls in the world. The park covers an area of 5 acres inside Edmonton Mall. Tri-monthly, half-yearly and annual passes are offered for this park.

World Water Park

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