Visiting a Few Select Budget Travel Destinations in Malaysia

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Malaysia is known to be one of the world’s expensive countries to live in although it attracts a lot of visitors each year. The perfect destination for holiday in Malaysia can be very expensive if you do not make prior plans of budget travel destinations in Malaysia. Malaysia attracts tourists from all over the world due to its tropical climate, superb eco-systems and a wide variety of wildlife.

Planning to visit budget travel destinations in Malaysia

Malaysia, as the tourism tag suggests, is truly Asia. The essence of all Asian countries has been seamlessly blended in the country and it is a cosmopolitan in the truest sense. When planning a trip to Malaysia, it is very important to plan a budget trip well in advance to be certain to include the sites you wish to see. There are plenty of possibilities on budget travel destinations in Malaysia provided you have time to plan everything beforehand. This includes major tourist attractions, food and smart shopping.

Irrespective of the cost of living, with good planning you can visit some of the most coveted destinations in Malaysia and also experience a taste of the world famous shopping facilities.

Pulau Langkawi

This place in Malaysia is one of the most famous tourists spot. The long white sand beaches with coconut palms certainly gives a romantic image and gives tourists a perfect reason to visit time and again round the year. The art festivals, international conferences and cultural events of this place will definitely leave you longing to return soon.

Pulau Langkawi

St. Pauls Hill

This region was found by the Portuguese in early 16th century to be used as a place for their soldiers to store food. Although only the portico remains today, the drama and history can be clearly imagined as you enjoy the quietude standing among the stately trees.

St. Pauls Hill

Mulu National Park

This National Park is one among the longest network of caves of the world possessing a giant central underground hall believed to accommodate at least 40 jumbo jets. The Deer Cave in this park is home to bats which you can see daily at 6 PM. This place is never crowded since it is large enough to house London’s St. Pauls more than five times. Also visit the Clearwater Cave to see the beautiful tropical limestone engraved by the regular drenching and movement of water.

Mulu National Park

Sipadan Island

This small beautiful island was crafted by French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau as a piece of artwork. This miniature island gives tourists an opportunity to explore one of the beautiful natural attractions of nature on foot.

Sipidan Island

There are still many more places Malaysia few of which are mentioned above. To plan a budget trip to Malaysia, look for cheap airfares or either book in advance. For accommodation, opt to stay in hostels or apartments instead of four star and five star hotels. Gorging on your favorite delicacy at a nearby restaurant will also help you maintain your travel in Malaysia.

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