Visit the Coastal Beauty in Ireland's County

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The northern part of Ireland has diverse coastline running for over 200 kilo meters along with beach front that is in care of National Trust. They offer perfect destinations for holidays near water. It is the coast that has offered the counties in Ireland, especially, that in its northern part, the beauty that thrills the tourists. In fact, Ireland would be the most perfect choice for short holidays. The place offers the pleasure of such activities as fresh water fishing, sunbathing, and surfing. There is many a coastal beauty in Ireland’s county and some of those have been discussed below.

Rathlin Island

The Rathlin Island lies off North Coast of the Northern Ireland. The Island can be quite easily accessed by ferry that is operated by the Rathlin Island Ferry. The island has much to offer to the tourists apart from the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The island stretches in the shape of an ‘L’, 4 miles in the east-west direction and 2.5 miles in the north-south. Mull of Kintyre, which is the southernmost tip of the Kintyre peninsula, is at 15.5 miles from the Kintyre Island. The island has an abundance of wildlife. The bird watchers can experience a visual treat at the sight of the guillemots, puffins, kittiwakes, and razorbills that come here during the months of summer.

Rathlin Island

County Antrim

Giant’s Causeway has its magnificent polygonal columns along the North Antrim Coast. The Giant’s Causeway is an icon of Ireland while being a heritage site. The place has great historical significance. When the Spanish armada was defeated, Girona, which was one among the four galleasses, sank in the year 1588. The cannon recovered from this vessel had been taken to the Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland.

county antrim ireland

County Londonderry

The County Londonderry is a coastal beauty in Ireland’s county and has a dramatic appeal. It is situated in the northern part of Ireland and has the Portstewart Strand which is situated between the seaside resort of Portrush and River Bann. The holiday makers and tourists find in this 2-mile strand a charm of its own. The beach covets the yellow and blue flag awards for its excellent beach management in terms of cleanliness and the quality of water. Portstewart is also famous for the beautiful golf club that has fifty four holes that are set on the Causeway Coast. It offers exciting gaming together with spectacular views.

county londonderry

County Down

A long history of culture is to be met with at the islands and the foreshore of the Strangford Lough at County Down. It also reflects the interaction of humans with the Lough right from the Neolithic influences to that of the Victorian. There are good archaeological and historical associations with Lough, starting with the fish trap and kelp grid to the shipwrecks and the submerged forests. This coastal beauty in Ireland’s county has an abundance of wildlife.

County Down

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