Top Destinations for Gay Travellers

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The gays would like to seek refuge in such places that are gay friendly. The top destinations for gay travellers are welcoming and exciting and thrill the vacationers. They not just offer the much needed break from daily life and set schedules, but revitalize and prepare for the daily walks of life afresh.

1. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The lesbian and gay scene has become increasingly vital in the present times in Buenos Aires and the place has thus emerged to be one of the chosen destinations for vacationing by the gay community. The travellers shall feel blissful being offered a warm welcome by the progressive laws of the society. The nightlife here is rich and vibrant while offering a warm environment to bask in the glory of being gay.

2. Rehoboth Beach, USA

Rehoboth Beach, USA

The Poodle Beach and also the North Shores Beach offer the most thrilling destinations for gay travellers in Delaware resort town that bustles with life and activity. The hot sand and the cool waters at the North Shores Beach are especially chosen by the lesbians. The Poodle Beach showcases a stronger social scene. This town offers hopping house party unit which is open for the travellers.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has more to offer than just its magnificent and eloquent architectures. The gay travellers would find the heartiest welcome by many clubs, bars, and pubs, meant for the gay community. Prague also offers a large number of gay-friendly restaurants, cafes, accommodations, and saunas. In fact, it would not be entirely wrong to consider Prague a large museum with numerous exciting aspects to explore.

4. Blue Chairs Beach Hotel, Mexico

Blue Chairs Beach Hotel, Mexico

This exquisitely beautiful and charming beach hotel is located in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico which caters luxurious services to the gay and the lesbian communities. The hotel enjoys the most romantic location on the beach front. The cocktail services delivered to the beach allow the travellers to sit at the beach, basking in the sun while taking the sip. A number of gay friendly events are organized such as themed dances and gay cruises.

5. Costa Rica

Tenorio Waterfall, Costa Rica

Costa Rica in South America counts in the world’s top destinations for gay travellers. The senses are tickled by the natural wonders of this place that consist of tropical beaches and active volcanoes, rainforests and cloud forests along with its rushing rivers. The progressive laws of Costa Rica protect the gay rights.

6. Turtle Cove Beach Resort, Australia

Turtle Cove Beach Resort, Australia

This resort in Cairns in Australia is dedicated only to the gay and the lesbian community. There is an exclusive and private beach for the gays. Travellers can take a tour to the rainforest region that is situated close to the place. Some of the adventures offered are white water rafting, scuba diving, snorkelling, and themed dance.

With the world allowing for the gay rights, the top destinations for gay travellers offer world class ambience for the gay community.

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