Top College Student Destinations Around the World

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Feeling confused about the future course of studies and colleges to enroll? Many go through the same phase as you when they are fresh out of school and looking for best colleges to enroll themselves in, a little bit of research landed me in summarizing the following top ten college student destinations in the world. In the broad generalization of the category the following takes the lead.


It is a hot bed of some of the best colleges and Universities all round the globe which rakes high in international reputation and premium educational standards, it witnesses an impressive average of foreign students’ influxing here to pursue their further studies.

Colleges like that of Cambridge, Oxford, Durham are most popular and prestigious for arts related courses whereas colleges in Lancaster, Manchester, Dexter, Birmingham, Leicester, Edinburgh, Sussex are most prestigious for MBA and other management courses.

College Student Destinations Around the World


Germany manages to be the leading educational institutions in Europe with over seventy universities out of which thirteen have official university status which imparts premier education in fine arts, management and engineering studies.


It is home to the exorbitant range of international students pursuing the supreme educational courses, countries like China, India and Korea attract bevy of international students and has earned quiet a reputation for its educational quality and excellence although China seems to be the most popular of all. Now let’s get more specific.


India is home to brilliant academic institutions and colleges which are globally renowned too; here are some of the best choices:

  • Sri Ram College of Commerce in Delhi
  • St. Stephen’s College in Delhi for Science and Arts
  • NIFT in Delhi and Kolkata for fashion designing
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication in Pune for Journalism
  • Christ University in Bangalore for Arts BBA and Computer courses
  • St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai and Kolkata


This country is known for premier colleges in engineering and management courses and some of the best colleges are Melior International College, Pioneer Junior College, European Business School and Cornel Institute of Hospitality Management.


China is most renowned for its MBBS courses and witnessed a bevy of international and foreign students’ enrolment, like Anhui International College of Medicine and Wenzhou Medical College.

United States

This is the hub of many international students and premier colleges which are renowned and celebrated worldwide like Pomona college in California, United States Military Academy in NYC, Williams and Amherst and Wellesley  colleges in Massachusetts, Trinity and other colleges.

Latin America


The universities and colleges here are fast gaining popularity and reputation for higher studies and academics.


Seven of its universities now find a comfortable place in the top ranking educational institutions of premier quality.


The Columbia College is a mark of fifty years of excellent and remarkable educational reputation.


It is one of the best and most visited educational hub in the world, Taylors College is one that offers premier education apart from the various colleges like Raffles College in Sydney and Australian centre of education in Melbourne.

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