Top 10 Urban Destinations for Nature Lovers

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Travelling is all about taking a pause from the regular mundane activities and exploring the other side of life which is all about happiness and mirth. The top 10 urban destinations for nature lovers blend in the luxury of urban life with the rural charm of nature to rejuvenate the travellers.

1. Oakland CA

Oakland CA

Oakland is famous for Lake Merritt, an estuary. A total of 14.5% of the entire metropolitan area is constituted by the parkland. The travellers have easy access to eleven national parks. A flavour of the North Californian wilderness can be experienced at the Redwood Regional Park.

2. Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque offers the travellers more than a desert. The metropolitan area has several lush green parklands. One can take a look at the ethereally beautiful desert landscapes. The traveller can visit the caves of the El Malpais National Park and head towards New Mexico Badlands.

3. Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is one of the top urban destinations for nature lovers and sits at the edge of the American River and Sacramento River. The city parks extend a number of facilities. Leland Stanford Mansion forms a marvelous picnic spot in the gardens styled on the nineteenth century ones.

4. Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA

Seattle claims to have the freshest and cleanest air and also has a good number of national parks. The Elliot Bay can be clearly viewed from the Kerry Park. The largest national park in the area is the Discovery Park overlooking Puget Sound. The Cafe Campagne, on the other hand, spells luxury offering traditional French cuisine.

5. San Diego, California

San Diego, California

The name of the place reflects in mind the image of the bright coastline. The city contains a good number of national parks. The perfect weather of San Diego, with its sprawling national parks, offers the nature lovers quite a bit of adventure.

6. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

There are a number of reasons that make Baltimore a convenient destination. There are as many as thirteen national parks in this metropolitan area. Days can be steamy in the summers, yet Baltimore presents before the travellers the opportunity to escape into nature.

7. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the ultimate destination where the traveller can know what an ethereal charm the sunset can evoke. The desert terrain attracts a number of travellers throughout the year.

8. San Jose, California

San Jose, California

San Jose in California offers a quick getaway into the beauties of nature. Other than offering modern and urban facilities, the place also gives the travellers a break from their mundane existence through communion with the nature.

9. Washington DC

Washington DC

Twenty percent of area of this city has been dedicated for the creation of parks and greenery and this is what makes Washington one of the popular urban destinations for the lovers of nature. There are many sprawling parks with ample greenery.

10. San Francisco

San Francisco

The Bay Area of San Francisco along with the modern facilities makes it one of the much favorable and favorite destinations for such travellers who seek both the luxury of modernity and serenity of nature.

The urban destinations for nature lovers combine together the beauties of nature with the luxuries of the modern day.

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