Top 10 South America Adventures

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There are few places in the world which are as beautiful as the continent of South America. The region is known for its natural beauty as well as its historical past. There is much that travelers can see and do when they arrive in South America. Learning the Spanish language is an important requirement. If you know this language you will not find it too hard to communicate with the locals. The following are the top 10 South America adventures that you can get to have upon your arrival in this part of the world.

1. Rio de Janeiro

The capital city of the country of Brazil is definitely a marvelous place to visit. You can visit the historic structures and churches including the statue of Christ on the hill top.

Rio de Janeiro

2. Sao Paulo

This is also a destination which you can visit for the top 10 South America adventures. The night life in this Brazilian city is particularly well known. Entry to the clubs is not rigid at all.

Vale do AnhagabaË™

3. Chile

Are you fond of learning about Mexican Culture? Then visiting Chile in South America is ideal for you. You will get to learn about the Aztec culture during your stay here.

Chile in South America

4. Venezuela

This is a beautiful destination. It is well known for being home to the popular Angel Falls.


5. Bogota

Bogota in Colombia is famous for its Roman Catholic Churches. There are also some manor houses here which are worth exploring.


6. Cartagena

This is a historic city in the country of Colombia. There are several beautiful churches and buildings that you can discover here.

cartagena colombia

7. Buenos Aires

This place is a must visit in South America. The beaches here are mostly private beaches. Popular activities on the beach include playing beach volleyball and football. The nightlife scenario on the beach is also worth getting a glimpse of.

Buenos Aires

8. Santiago

If you want to experience the top 10 South America adventures, then you should definitely make your way to the city of Santiago in Chile. You can avail of luxury accommodation options here for the most budget of prices.


9. Salvador

This is also a city that you should visit if you want to experience the top 10 South America adventures. Here you can witness the remnants of Spanish colonial rule.


10. Peru

Get to explore tribal in the best possible way when you visit Peru in South America. The remains of the famous Aztec Civilization are available in abundance here.


If you want to experience the top 10 South America adventures, the above names should certainly be taken into consideration. These are the finest tourist destinations in the continent. The weather prevailing in all these places is conducive for sightseeing activities.

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