Top 10 Sexiest Travel Destinations

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To visit any of these top sexiest travel destinations, one doesn’t need a purpose. It can be a special honeymoon, a trip with friends or a romantic getaway. Paying a visit to at least one of the destinations below would bring a different experience altogether.

1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Countless people check out each other on the city streets. Rio’s sexual energy is overwhelming, with its residents being known for their genuine, humble, and social personalities – each being a sexy trait in their own way. And adding up the oomph is its exotic beaches and stunning natural landscapes, mixed with samba music and bronzed bodies.

2. Amsterdam


This sexiest travel destination is the most sexually open-minded in the world with its most famous area, De Wallen (a designated place for legalized prostitution). Almost 26% of Amsterdam’s tourists make a point to come here and take a look of the continuous grid of narrow streets and alleys. The city also features numerous peep shows and sex theatres as well.

3. Paris


Known as the romantic epicentre of the world, it also has its kinky, playful side. The red light district of Paris, Pigalle Place is a sort of sexual playground with its numerous peep shows, sex shops, sexy cabarets and strip clubs.

4. Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

AKA “playground for adults”, with its beaches smothered with slinky bikinis, hard bodies, and a multitude of exceptional nightclubs. Mykonos is also famous for its liberal attitude, attracting millions of visitors every year to its numerous gay resorts and clubs.

5. Berlin


Some of the nightclubs of this sexiest travel destination are solely devoted to bizarre sexual fetishes one can ever come across. A dungeon atmosphere is offered by the Gargoyle for those planning to explore fantasies pondering from ancient times. Like every other nightclubs, these offer drinks and dancing but also feature rooms devoted entirely to leather, sadism and dominance.

6. Havana


Salsa dancing is sexy and hypnotic and there isn’t any scarcity of it here. Also, Cubans have a sexy casualness about the entire thing, with locals taking their party and hitting the streets – drinking, flirting, dancing, and heavy-petting.

7. Ibiza


Europe’s undisputed clubbing capital, attracting young and vibrant party people from all over. This is the perfect place where one can unwind and set free their inhibitions. With its sensual and high intoxicating atmosphere, it is almost impossible in not meeting a new fling if one is at Privilege, Space or any of the several bustling nightclubs here.

8. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

If confidence, superiority and style feature heavily in one’s definition of sexiness, then this sexiest travel destination is the place to be.

9. Cannes


This is where class, style and filthy rich travellers come together. Cannes Film Festival has always been the biggest draw every year with A-listers flocking the city with the sparkling teeth, chiselled faces, and sculpted bodies.

10. Barcelona


A city which is known for its unplanned, laid-back attitude, it allows travellers to indulge in anything that feels good, whether wandering down the streets or sipping another glass of cava.

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