Top 10 places to Visit on the Balkans

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Balkan Peninsula comprises of South-eastern European countries. It is named after Balkan Mountains, which extend up to Siberia. The top places to visit on the Balkans are dispersed across various countries and are suitable destinations for both summer and winter holidays.

1. Dracula’s Castle

Anyone who knows Dracula Graph has to visit Dracula’s Castle near Bran, in close vicinity of Brasov in Romania. Naturally, it is a popular tourist attraction in the country. The history of this castle can be dated to 13th century AD.


2. Dubrovnik

It is a beautiful city on Adriatic Sea and the most popular resort for summer vacation in Croatia. Its amazing coastline features some of the select beaches in Europe. Dubrovnik was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.


3. Istanbul

Popular as city of Contrasts’ and ‘Queen of Cities’, Istanbul has worldwide fame. More than 13 million people live in this Turkish capital which favours tourism by low flight charges, numerous shopping malls and sightseeing tours.


4. Meteora

Amidst all the tourism and enjoyment, Meteora is the place to visit on the Balkans in search of holiness. There are around 100 monasteries in Meteora including Monastery of Great Meteoron. Cars to the original site can be hired at reasonable rates at the airport.


5. Mount Athos

The Eastern third of peninsula of Halkidiki is comprised of Mount Athos and is called peninsula of Athos. The 50-km long holy Mount has an expanse of 350 sq km. The summit of Mount Athos measures 2,033 metres above sea level.

Mount Athos

6. Nis

The cultural, industrial and administrative capital of Nisava District on River Nisava in Republic of Siberia is surely a place to visit on the Balkans. Nis fortress, Mediana archaeological site, skull tower, etc. are some of the attractions in or around Nis.


7. Ohrid

The amazing town in South-western Republic of Macedonia is UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to historical research, Ohrid is among the oldest places in entire Europe. Ancient basilicas, churches, etc. are very popular in Ohrid. However, tourists are charged double than locals for entry to churches.


8. Poles Castle

This true Romanian European castle is really a place to visit on the Balkans. It was inaugurated in 1883 and most of the Romanian monarchs lived their entire life in the castle. Electrical Power Plant, Economat Building, etc. are additional structures that were later added.


9. Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery is a symbolic place to visit on the Balkans. It is situated 1148m above sea level in Rila Mountains. The monastery is said to have existed since 10 century.


10. Seven Rila Lakes

This cluster of glacial lakes is situated at 2100m-2500m above sea level in north-west of Rila Mountains. Among all the natural sights in Bulgaria, Seven Rila Lakes draw the most number of tourists. Each of the 7 lakes has been named according to its characteristic feature.


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