Top 10 Places to Tour London with Your Toddler

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Taking your family out on a tour within London? Well if you have a toddler to accompany you then check out the following places which are among the best locations to take them to. Compiled below are the top 10 Places to tour London with your toddler.

1. Science Museum

It is the museum where entry is free and people of all age groups can come and enjoy. Especially for the toddlers, the basement and the third floor is something to be at. There are several push-button activities to be done for the toddlers.

Science Museum

2. London Aquarium

Fish is something any toddler would love to watch and fancy. It would be ideal to take your toddler to the London Aquarium where they could toddle around in the free push chair. The tickets could be purchased online at any time of the day and offers a 10% discount too.

London Aquarium

3. Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Zoo is definitely one among the 10 Places to tour London with your toddler. This is one of the most popular zoos in the region with domestic as well as small wild animals. Making it easier for the children to learn, it has a special animal farm for them where they are allowed to pet some domestic animals such as rabbits, pigs or sheep. It also features pony rides for toddlers with no entrance fees.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

4. Coram’s Fields

This is a place in the central London area which offers a great area for the children to play. The place comprises of picnic area, petting zoo, paddling pool and an area for the toddlers to play with slides as well as sandpits.

Coram’s Fields

5. Museum of Childhood

It is one of the museums which have been dedicated to only children. There are loads of things which children could do here besides going through the exhibits as well as the collections. Entry is free to the museum.

Museum of Childhood

6. Diana’s Memorial Playground

Among the largest playgrounds featuring in the list of 10 Places to tour London with your toddler, this place consists of the regular features of a park along with an activity centre like the Pirate’s ship sensory trails and the wooden houses. It surely would be a fun outing for your toddlers.

Diana’s Memorial Playground

7. London Museum

One amazing place where toddlers could engage themselves to live in the 1950s era is the London Museum. The place offers a play area for the children along with toys and furniture from the early 50s.

London Museum

8. London Transport Museum

It is a museum that showcases the transport systems of the past and the present. It has all the old trains and tubes which had been there in London before. It also features story telling sessions at different time schedules throughout the day.

London Transport Museum

9. Horniman Museum

This is a museum which is situated in London’s south eastern suburbs on the Forest Hills. When at the place, people would see a great collection of fishes and animals which are the things toddlers admire. Entry to the area is free but an entry inside the aquarium is chargeable.

Horniman Museum

10. Discover

It’s an indoor area which can be used by children to explore the street caves. The place also features puppet shows and a space garden along with other special attractions like the monster slide.

discover london

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