Top 10 Places to go in 2014 for a New Experience

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Holiday tour is leisure activity and needs to be filled with fun and entertaining. The places that are typically ignored by tourists need to be included into the list of top places to go in 2014 for a fresh and new experience.

1. Bangladesh


It is the country of the longest sandy beach and the largest mangrove forest in the World can be considered among the top places to go in 2014. However, it is plagued by political unrest and the latest news has to be followed before planning trip to it.

2. Cuba


The Central American country is already changing. New styles are replacing Kitch home-stays. The country is still far from modern advancement but its traditional environment and atmosphere might not exist to be experienced years later.

3. Iran


The tension between Iran and the west has relaxed of late. Though the UK stresses on avoiding Iran for tourism, Australia and the US consider most areas relatively safe. Among cities, Shiraz, Esfahan, Persepolis and capital Tehran are major attractions while Bavanat Valley and the Zagros mountains are natural places to go in 2014. However, it is always suggested to check for any travel warnings before visiting this place.

4. Macedonia


Mediterranean villages with terracotta-roof houses and Byzantine churches and the historic Roman wineries dot Macedonia. However, visitors’ footfall is low in the country, but can certainly be a place to visit this year.

5. Mongolia


Sandwiched between China and Russia, Mongolia is one of the least tamed lands on Earth. Windswept plains and abundant wildlife are treating to tourists. With increasing numbers of visitors and extensive infrastructure development, it is an unexplored place to be at.

6. Morocco


The country certainly includes a number of places to go in 2014. Major attractions in the African country are Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech and Rabat, which is the capital city and holds the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site but is less popular than the others named. Development is in full acceleration in Rabat.

7. Nigeria


Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry has attracted international attention of late. Besides, the steady emergence of Lagos as art, creativity and fashion hub makes Nigeria among the top places to go in 2014.

8. Panama City

Panama City

The Central American city is a mixture of faded glory that 17th-century walls and dilapidated houses exhibit and the newfound style with which fancy ice-cream parlours, cafes, boutiques, etc. are designed.

9. Principe & Sao Tome

They are the 2 neighbouring islands form the 2nd-smallest nation of Africa. Lately, it has become a premier surfing, fishing, diving and turtle-watching spot. Water bodies lined by white sand and palm trees are pleasure to visit.

10. Rwanda


There is much going on in Rwanda. Nyungwe forest has been named a top trip for 2014, Congo Nile mountain-biking and walking trail along Lake Kivu is being developed, mid-range accommodations have sprung up in Virunga national park and so on. Rwanda has transformed in last 2 decades. Wi-Fi is accessible in more than 90% of this African country.

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