Top 10 North Alabama Tourist Attractions

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Alabama offers a great site for holidaying whether with family or with friends. A pleasurable and enjoyable getaway, the place has many tourist attracting spots starting right from the mountains in the north to the beaches ending in the Gulf Coast. The most interesting feature of North Alabama tourist attractions includes both natural as well as manmade beauties. There is a whole range of golf courses, exotic natural life, and pristine sandy beauty.

1. Noccalula Falls

The Noccalula Falls is something that can offer the touring soul a treat with the sight of the rushing waters, situated in the beautiful Gadsden city in Alabama. Water falling in massive amounts over the pristine cliffs can gift a quality time in lounging over the mist. The attraction is open throughout the year and offers amusement to families visiting the site.

Noccalula Falls

2. Cheaha State Park

Nothing can be more rejuvenating, refreshing, and stress relieving than a communion with the nature, and this is precisely what the Cheaha State Park has to offer. The Cheaha State Park situates itself on the majestically rising peak point of Alabama, at an altitude covering 2401 feet.

Cheaha State Park

3. Orange Beach

The Orange Beach enjoys a location which is a few miles away from the Gulf shores. Most ideally, this beach situates itself in the Baldwin County on Gulf Coast. There are several activities that the travelers and the tourists can enjoy there, which include the catch and release of the tropical fishes there. An adventure loving person can have real treat to his soul here as he goes snorkeling.

Orange Beach

4. The Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo that has been built over 100 acres of space has more than a thousand animals. One of the most famous North Alabama tourist attractions, there can be sighted some of the most famous furry birds. There are a number of man-made features made for the animal, resembling close after nature, such as the Alligator Swamp and the Savannah, that is not just an attempt but a success in the recreation of the African veldt that include an assortment of giraffes.


5. The Museum of Art

Art is something which features in the list of North Alabama tourist attractions. The Museum of Art is an art gallery of world class. There are some really exciting artifacts that make the museum worth paying a visit. The artifacts reveal the life of the people living in the southwest and in East Alabama.

The Museum of Art

6. State Capitol Building

The state Capitol building of Alabama is the most historic among those in the world. The architecture of the building is exquisite and testifies to the artistic qualities of the architect and the taste of the government.

State Capitol Building

7. Botanical Gardens

There is a great variety of plants in the botanical gardens that astound the visitors. There are the aromatic lilacs with the Japanese pond lined by the cherry blossoms.

Botanical Gardens

8. Gulf Coast beach

Tourists visiting Alabama prefer visiting the Gulf coast beaches for the serenity, calm, and tranquility they offer. The beaches are famous for their crystal clear water and white sparkling sand.

Gulf Coast beach

9. Gulf Shores

The Gulf Shores is a popular tourist attraction in North Alabama. It is famous for the restaurants, hotels, and great range of shops. The thrilling experience of deep sea diving is something that the tourists cannot afford to miss here.

Gulf Shores

10. Tannehill State Park

The exploration of the state park would not take more than half a day, though there are a great number of attractions in the park. The area has over fifty historical buildings.

Tannehill State Park

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