Seek Pleasure in the Beauty of Top 10 Holiday Destinations in the World

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“It’s Holiday!” These are the two words that the kids are most excited about but today, this is the most energetic statement from the working professionals. The present standards and the level of work in business these days have made the employees bend with the burden of tasks on their back that are tightly bound by constraints. Putting a “STOP” to this situation and taking some time off to spend with your girlfriend or wife or family is the one thing that relieves all the stress that has accumulated through these hard days of work. So, fly away at the first chance to explore the top 10 holiday destinations in the world.

Which part of the year is the best time for visiting the top 10 holiday destinations?

The most popular holiday destinations remain the home of visitors all over the year. The beauty, peace and joy that are present in the air are things that draw loads of visitors from all corners of the world. Though there are places that have a specific time of rejoice and festivities but the best time for you to visit any place is the time when you get a chance to escape the claws of overburdening work. The most common holiday seasons range from summer to the Christmas and New Year holidays. The holiday destinations usually run full on bookings from months before Christmas and New Year. So, make sure you plan your trip well in advance.

Counting down the list of top 10 holiday destinations in the world!

The best holiday destinations in the world with a variety of different cultures include some of the most exotic and exiting place that you wish to visit at leat once in your lifetime. Listed below are the top 10 holiday destinations in the world in reverse order.

10. Thailand – It is a place with the beauty of smiles, gracious welcomes, excellent food and low expenses. The special spa, traditional sailing trip and the luxury hotels are some of the outstanding spots.


9. Croatia – The unexplored line on the coast of Croatia is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the world. The islands and hotels nearby are a great place to stay.


8. Egypt –The land of historical treasures, pyramids, the Kings and the Sphinx, Egypt is now also well-known for its Nile cruises and adventure tours.


7. Turkey – Turkey has some of the finest and romantic beaches in the world and many parts of the cities are unraveled even today. The beauty of this place is worth-watching in spring or autumn.


6. United States – A travel to USA is truly fun-filled with a treasure encapsulating New York, California, Miami, Las Vegas, etc. Tourists who love to visit some of the most happening places in the world can feed their greed by just taking a trip to some of the wonderful travel destinations that this country offers.

United States

5. Italy – Italy is filled with the Roman fragrance that spreads its aroma since the time of Julius Caesar. The Italian lakes, food, people, dresses and the mountain views and language are some of the flaunting factors that make this place one of the major centers of attraction.


4. Greece – One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Greece attracts huge crowd due to its beautiful islands that people love to stay in despite the lavish hotels. The land marks its presence through simplicity and also throught its more than sixty inhabited islands.


3. Great Britain – Great Britain is home to a number of beaches together with world renowned  amusements parks and Anglo-Saxon sites. With Wales, Scotland and Northern Island, etc. in its lap, the place is a major center of attraction for visitors.

Great Britain

2. France – It is the place for a feasible holiday to the simple land with exquisite features. From Eiffel Tower to Louvre and from Notre Dame de Paris to countless museums and galleries, beautiful canals, house boat cruises and beach sports! Paris has it all.


1. Spain – Spain turns out to be the most lovely destination this season and for the seasons to come for enjoying holidays and the country is liked by all irrespective of the age and profession. The beaches, countryside, mountains, towns, etc. are places worth watching.


Now that you have a list of some of the top 10 holiday destinations, all that is left is making a wise choice.

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