Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

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Some places in this world are known for their rivers and forests while some are known for their fjords and valleys. But all these have one thing in common; they make the inhabitants and the visitors happy. What makes happiness dwell in these places like no other? How would you rate yourself as compared to your own self ten years back on the basis of contentment? Are you happier than your colleagues and neighbors? This list of some of the happiest countries in the world strives to help you find how happy some of the countries in the whole world are.

1. Norway


Norway has been considered one of the happiest spots of the world for quite some years now. With excellent performances in economic and social capital scales, this Scandinavian country has happiest families in the whole world when compared to others.

2. Switzerland


This picturesque country features as the second happiest nation of the world because of its outstanding governance and state of the art economic and health conditions. Though, the downside of this country is its poor educational conditions.

3. Canada


With innumerable educational programs, this country has emerged as one of the pioneers in educational status and also is the leader in offering personal freedom to its citizens. The wonderful skyline of the cities together with the plush green fields all add to the beauty of this country and its happiness.

4. Sweden


This country, known for its Nobel prizes, is ranked as fourth in the list of happiest countries of the world. A big reason behind its happiness is its Entrepreneurship opportunities that the government offers to the citizens to make it one of the leader nations in Startups and Businesses.

5. New Zealand

Mount Taranaki Egmont NZ

Part of the Australian continent, this country is ranked at 5th position. It is considered the leading country in terms of education and is one of the top few in terms of best governance and social capital.

6. Denmark


Denmark, till last year, was considered the happiest country but its downfall is because of the decline in its economic conditions. But, it maintains its reputation as one of the top most nations in social capital and Entrepreneurship opportunities.

7. Australia


This country had to feature in the list of world’s happiest countries because of the outstanding personal freedom it offers to its citizens and also to tourists. It is also one of the top countries in terms of education.

8. Finland


Finland finds a place among the happiest countries list mainly because of the safety and security it offers to its citizens. It is also one of the leading nations in terms of Entrepreneurship opportunities offered by the government.

9. Netherlands


Popular for its red light district, this place is considered to be one of the leading nations in terms of health. Netherlands is also considered among the top three nations in terms of social capital making it the ninth happiest country of the world. Also, it is a favorite vacation spot and many tourists head to this country for its exotic and happy locales.

10. Luxembourg


It has been agreed that Luxembourg has the best health care facilities in the whole world and is also one of the best countries for entrepreneurship opportunities. But the con of this country is that the education system of this country may not even feature among the top 50 countries of the world. Nevertheless, this country is ranked as the tenth in the list of top 10 happiest countries of the world.

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