Top 10 Family Travel Attractions for a Good Holiday

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It is very difficult to plan a vacation with family as one need to find a destination that would please each and every member. The resorts that provide different options are known to the best. These resorts prove to be good for children as well as the adults in the family. There are different areas in the world that have good family travel attractions.

1. Atlantis Resort

This is located in the Paradise Island within the Bahamas. This area has a lost civilization and is full of intrigue and adventure. Some people call it to be the mecca of family travel attractions. There are many famous hotels and restaurants over here that attract people from different regions in the world. The area is rich in wildlife having 11 exhibit lagoons and 50,000 varieties of animals like stingrays, lionfish and sharks.

Atlantis Resort

2. Snowbird

This is located in the Utah region and is one of the best wintry locations. This is a little cottonwood canyon and has huge mountainous region around it. The area receives more than 500 inches of snowfall every year. This area has some good resorts that can prove to be a great accommodation for the family.


3. Tanque Verde Ranch

This surely is one of the top family travel attractions in the Tuscon region. It is an oasis in the Sonoran Desert. It lies adjacent to the Saguaro National Park. This Ranch is famous for horse riding and there are special riding sessions like Day rides, breakfast rides and Picnic ride. They even provide riding lessons to new comers.

Tanque Verde Ranch

4. Orlando-Walt Disney

This is the best place for a family with many children. Even the elders will get to enjoy and celebrate childhood. The Walt Disney in Orlando appeals to people from all ages and along with that the climate is great for a good family vacation.

walt disney orlando

5. Honolulu

Situated on the Hawaiian Islands this place is a great blend of scenery and cosmopolitan luxury. There are huge numbers of historical and cultural sites over here. Here there is the Waikiki neighborhood that has huge sky rises and great beaches.


6. San Diego

Thriving nightlife, zoos and mouth-watering cuisines are something that draws people to San Diego. There are beaches and many excellent activities take placed near these beaches.


7. Waikoloa

The Waikoloa region in Hawaii is famous for the Hilton Waikoloa Village. A family looking at the top family travel attractions would certainly like this for island excursions in this region. There are many luxurious areas and endless activities over here. There are day and night camps where kids would love to feed swans, explore the tropical gardens, hunt treasures, and visit one of the most popular Dolphin retreat over here.


8. Williamsburg

This region stretches over 3,000 acres in Virginia. It is famous for the Kingsmill Resort and has huge amount of recreational activities. Families can enjoy the golf courses, pools, and indoor-outdoor activities.


9. Las Vegas

No area can beat the enjoyment in this region. Huge number of carnivals and gaming activities take place here that will keep even the elders busy.

2/4/10: Welcome sign, day.(Photo by Glenn Pinkerton)

10. Takilma

This area is situated around the wood and one can find one of the most unique tree resorts over here. Luxury lovers will surely enjoy tree rooms over here.


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