Top 10 Best Theme Parks in the United Kingdom

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Theme parks are among the most popular attractions for any place across the world. The same can be said about UK which has numerous theme parks which have been around for years. Featuring the top 10 best theme parks in UK the article discusses why it shouldn’t be a miss when you are in UK:

1. Alton Towers

Coasters are the rides that are a must try at the Alton Towers. Located in Staffordshire this amazing theme park alone pulls over 2.5 million visitors each year. It also features numerous fun rides for both the small and the big.


2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Next in our list of best theme parks in UK, this is a must visit for all those who love the water coasters. It is an historic amusement park which has a long history for being an entertainment as well as a holiday destination.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

3. Thorpe Park

Famous for the debut of the monstrous Swarm this is among the very best theme parks in the region. The park has been made by Merlin and is known to be a park which offers its rides for the young and the adults.

Thorpe Park

4. Legoland Windsor

One of the popular yet overlooked parks in the list; it caters to over 2 million visitors every year. The popular attractions here are the range of shows, rides and the recently built hotel.

Legoland Windsor

5. Paultons Park

This park emerged as a strong contender among the best theme parks in UK after 2006 when the ride of Cobra got added. This roller coaster ride is not a thrill ride but packs in impressive speeds as well as forces in smaller layouts.

Paultons Park

6. Lightwater Valley

Coming to the next theme park among the best theme parks in UK, Lightwater valley has been famous for its Fantasy Island in the Skegness. Besides that, the place features numerous rides and attractions like the hybrid coaster which stretches around the park in just seven minutes.

lightwater valley

7. Chessington World of Adventures

Among the biggest and the most updated theme parks within the country, Chessington offers rides to both youngsters and families. The special attractions of this place are the Maurer spinner and Vampire which is a classic Arrow suspended coaster.

Chessington World of Adventures

8. Flamingo Land

Famous for the namesake animals which are present in the Zoo within, Flamingo Land offers numerous rides which include the five distinct roller coasters.

Flamingo Land

9. Drayton Manor

Famous for the best drop towers in the world named Apocalypse Drayton has always been facing stiff competition from the neighbor the Alton Towers. To name a few attractions would include the shockwave, the stand up coaster, hi-tech X car, etc.

Drayton Manor

10. Oakwood Theme

This place is known for its location as it is said to be hidden away in the south west corner of Wales. The specialty of this theme park is the wooden roller coaster named Megafobia.

Oakwood Theme

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