Top 10 Best Destinations in Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the many island countries in the World. Naturally, it is among the favourite destinations for tourists. The country has numerous natural as well as man-made attractions, all of which cannot be visited in a single tour. So, hereunder are top 10 best destinations in Malaysia that should be included in the must-visit list.

Cameron Highlands

Being at higher altitude than most parts of Malaysia, Cameron Highlands is the most widespread hill-station in the country. Forest trails, tea gardens, waterfalls, etc. are some of the attractions in the region.

cameron highlands malaysia

George Town

It is recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage Site city. It is named after King George III and retains most of the townscapes of British era. Queen Victoria Clock-tower and other mansions and mosques make this city ideal to admire man-made marvels.

george town malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

The capital of the country is indeed one of the top 10 best destinations in Malaysia. It can be counted among few of the sorted destinations for shopping, leisure, tourist spots, etc. Petronas Towers cannot be missed while in the city.

kuala lumpur malaysia


It is an archipelago constituted of 99 islets in the Andaman Sea. White beaches, coral reefs and hills covered with dense woods are the beauty of Langkawi. Accommodation charge ranges between $30 and $3000, which provides options for all.

langkawi malaysia


Due to its Multicultural heritage and rich history, Melaka is named as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The city inherits most of its ancient architecture and culture from Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. Papa and Nyonya are local communities in the city.

melaka malaysia

Mount Kinabalu

It is the tip of Malaysia with its summit height of more than 4000 metres. Situated in Borneo, Mount Kinabalu is not tall enough for snow-peak but is tremendously rich in biodiversity.

mount kinabalu malaysia


Chinese influence overwhelms food, architecture and culture of this island in the peninsular Malaysia. Penang hill, food, heritage architecture, Batu Ferringhi beach, etc. must be fully enjoyed.

penang malaysia

Perhentian Islands

They are the most suitable choice for tourists who are on limited budget. The beaches that line these islands are among the most beautiful on the face of the Earth but accommodation is fairly inexpensive. Turquoise blue water and white sand with backdrop of palm-fringes characterise the beaches of Perhentian islands.

perhentian islands malaysia


Time Magazine chose Tioman as the most beautiful island in the World in the 70s. Besides, white coral reefs and densely populated forests have made the island a favourite for tourists.


Taman Negara

Being one of the oldest rainforest in the World, Taman Negara literally means National Park in Malay. It must be visited during rainy season to witness the biodiversity in the country. Longest canopy walkways add to the thrill of trekking through the jungle.

Taman Negara

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