Top 10 Alternative Family Vacation Destinations

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When the entire family has some time off for a considerable span which calls for celebrating togetherness, the one thing that works best is a family vacation in an exotic location. But since it is a family venture, one may look for less exposed and crowded destinations. So here are the top 10 alternative family vacation destinations to brush away the dilemmas.

1. Choose San Francisco or Los Angeles

San Francisco or Los Angeles

Though is LA is the best vacation spot for bachelors and for men, it may not be an ideal for a family vacation as there are chances of people getting addicted and spoilt by the natural intoxication of this ‘sin city’. It may be perfect for couples and friends though. San Francisco makes for a less crowded and aesthetic beaches and hills and is the perfect choice for a complete family vacation.

2. Oman or Dubai

Oman or Dubai

Dubai may be the hub of posh buildings and restaurants with the largest brand stores which makes shopping a celebration. But honestly it is expensive and crowded. Oman, on the other hand, is less publicized yet not any less in terms of cultural and historical aura. With beautiful beaches resorts and mountains, Oman as an amazing tourist destination was kept a secret until very recently.

3. Budapest or Paris

Looking for a European holiday? Give the usual embankment upon Paris a miss and pack your bags to head to Budapest – the capital city of Hungary. The city is divided into two sides by River Danube, and it is far less expensive than Paris which is definitely ideal for couples. In Budapest, you may indulge in thermal baths for which the place is renowned since the 16th century. There are also many music events across the year, and the place also has many theatres, museums and galleries to make your trip a memorable one.

4. Costa Rica

Tenorio Waterfall, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known worldwide for sport fishing which can be a great fun with the entire family. You could also book a fishing charter for this purpose with food facilities taken care of. Costa Rica has its own beauty and serenity.

5. Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

Indulge in the exquisiteness of islands in Koh Phangan in half the price you would ideally pay for Maldives. Full moon parties, golden beaches and reasonable resorts are all here and there is absolutely nothing more you can ask for a complete family vacation.

6. Bolivia


Bolivia is home to the world’s highest lake and the beautiful city of Potosi. It is also much cheaper destination spot and is an ideal place to spend the holidays with the entire family.

7. Baltic Coast in Germany

Baltic Coast in Germany

Baltic coast has the country’s largest island called Rugen which is more serene, less crowded and cheaper than most of the places in Europe.

8. Korcula


Because it is comparatively much cheaper than the Green Island with less crowd and beautiful beaches and forests, Korkula is indeed a better choice.

9. Warsaw


Belgium is definitely popular for its chocolates, wine and aesthetic beauty. Yet for a more reasonable yet beautiful holiday choose Warsaw that has everything to please everyone in the family.

10. Gambia


Although Canary Islands are popular and picturesque a cheaper option would land you in West African country called Gambia with beautiful beaches, forest parks and wildlife. No wonder it is considered as one of the best top 10 alternative family vacation destinations in the world.

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