The Top 10 Most Visited Countries in Europe

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Be it sitting on the beach idle or partying the night out or getting immersed in the immense beauty of nature, the top most visited countries in Europe has all the things that travelers look for in a holiday destination.

1. Spain


The recent recession in the country seems to have hardly affected the influx of millions tourists to the country each year. Spain is a holiday paradise and there are endless possibilities of fun and excitement available throughout the country.

2. France


Staring from the Eiffel Tower to the picturesque villages, France has been the favorite choice for travelers since a very long time. The tourism industry of the country seems to be flourishing at the moment with millions visiting the country every year.

3. Germany


The two fascinating aspects of this beautiful are its rich cultural heritage and its world famous beer. From medieval castles to Roman relics, the country is wrapped in rich layers of history making it among the most visited countries in Europe.

4. Finland


Those who have an affinity towards fine architecture, open spaces and courteous locals should not miss the chance to visit Finland. This is a country that is constantly being watched over by the sharp eyes of Mother Nature.

5. Switzerland


The country of Switzerland can be considered as haven of serious shopping, private banking, major music festivals, palace hotels and fabulous art collections. The country also boasts of an extraordinary natural beauty comprising of craggy peaks, valleys and lakes.

6. Greece


The food, beaches, sunset and the unforgettable hospitality of the country leaves every traveler eager to come back to this beautiful country once more. The breathtaking views and historical ruins from the past make it a heaven for travel lovers.

7. Turkey


Turkey can be described as the perfect combination of the traditional and modern, ready to offer its visitors with an experience like never before. The fascinating atmosphere of the country with its constant effort to modernize makes it a highly visited country in Europe.

8. Austria


A preferred destination for skiers, the country has a lot to offer apart from its skiing facilities. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beautiful view of the surroundings while savoring on some delicious country made chocolate.

9. Iceland


When it comes to natural spectacles of the world, Iceland surely stands out amongst the rest. From blue hot springs to green valleys to rugged lava fields, Mother Nature has blessed this country with abundance of natural beauty.

10. Italy


Italy is a huge attraction among travelers looking for some great food, wine, spectacular beaches and human warmth. The country also boasts of a very rich cultural heritage.

All the above top 10 most visited countries in Europe are famous in their own admiring and charming ways, always ready to shower their visitors with plenty of hospitality, abundant natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage.

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