The Most Romantic Getaways in Spain

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Spain has a charm of its own, and for a couple head over heels in love, the place is a paradise offering a plethora of choices. Adventure along with several romantic getaways in Spain makes it one of the popular travel destinations in the world today.

1. Barcelona

Barcelona is often dubbed as the most romantic place in Spain where the lovers get their paradise at the sizzling beaches. The historical monuments speak of brilliant architecture. Sagrada Familia Cathedral shows majestic architecture. The place with its beautiful ambience has been offered a backdrop to the most romantic of the movies, including the recent Woody Allen movie, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The city seduces one into falling in love with itself and with one’s beloved yet again.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral

2. Toledo

Toledo, a medieval city of Spain, is located at an hour’s drive from Madrid and is one of the most romantic getaways in Spain. Toledo locates itself atop the hill and overlooks the prairies, olive groves, and farms, while the historic quarter centres on the ancient castle. The cobbled paths are the best places where the lovers can walk close to each other. The dark alleyways are worth getting lost in, while the eternal beauty of Toledo calls for repeated visits.


3. La Rioja

This is the most gorgeous of the places in Spain and is the birthplace of the famous wine, La Rioja. Absolutely nothing can be better than tasting the best of the wines in the world at the La Rioja region with one’s beloved. It is worth spending a day in a casa rural in the vineyards. There is yet more for the lovers who want to make it their most romantic tours. The swarm of medieval buildings in the Old Town area of La Rioja with their dark alleyways is exciting and thrilling.

La Rioja

4. Las Alpujarras

The towns of Alpujarras situated atop the hills in the Sierra Nevada slopes, offers one of the best romantic getaways in Spain. The Alpujarras offer a conglomeration of villages and small towns that are gorgeously, but naturally, sculpted, play the host to the ever enchanting vacation rentals. The towns, in their quiet, offer the scope for a much laid back vacation with one’s beloved. They are perfect for lazing around, soaking in the charm of the mountains. A leisurely hike can also be a soothing refreshing thing to do.

Las Alpujarras

5. Granada

Situated on the top of the hill, the Alhambra Palace of Granada is amazing and thrills the lovers with its romantic ambience. The monument is one of the most visited ones in Spain. It has been chosen as one among the topmost castles in Spain. A number of hotels in Granada have been converted from the ancient palaces and most of these hotels open up to offer the view of the beautiful Alhambra.


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