The Holy Grail of Golf Holiday Destinations

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You may or may not know what it’s like to play a world famous golf course, but it is, of course, exhilarating whether it’s the first time or the thirty-fifth. There are many famous golf courses in the world and they are perfect for different people depending on what they need. Here’s a guide to help you find your perfect golf holiday destination.

St Andrews

If you love golf, then there will be no where you’d rather be than in Scotland, where golf was invented. This course has had golf played on it since the fifteenth century, so it is an iconic place to visit.  There are five different courses, so whether you’re Tiger Woods or just starting out, you’ll be able to find a course perfect for you and your skills. If you’re not quite ready for legendary golf courses, then there are hundreds of other golf courses all over the country for you to try your hand at.

St Andrews


If, on the other hand, you’d rather be in the sun that in the wind and rain, then Florida is the perfect. Wherever you choose in Florida is bound to be good, but good luck deciding which one to go for! With over a thousand courses, Florida is the golf state of America as well as being the one with the most sunshine. With so much choice, finding a course that suits your budget and the others that you’re holidaying with will be easy.

florida golf

County Kerry

Ireland boasts some of the best scenery, history and drinking culture in golf course history. County Kerry is in the south western corner and attracts visitors from far and wide, some interested in golf, some not- perfect if you’re dragging some non-golfers along too. There are a range of courses to choose from, but if you’re serious, then you must check out the Old Course at Ballybunion. The Irish Amateur Close Championships and the All-Ireland Finals are held here, so it’s a real test of your ability.

county kerry golf


The Royal Melbourne Golf Club has been around for over seventy years and has been well looked after. It is said to be the best in Australia and a world class experience, so much so that people abandon their other plans on an Australian holiday.


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