The Best Locations in Cornwall

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According to surprising new research, young travelers in the UK would rather boost their CV while on holiday rather than spend their time relaxing on the beach. In a study conducted by the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE), just 47% of respondents now travel solely for leisure and recreational purposes, and this number has declined sharply since 2007. While this is undoubtedly a response to the recession, it shows that travelers are increasingly keen to work while away in a bid to secure a new job or maintain their existing position.

Top Destinations in Cornwall

The Top Destinations in Cornwall: Ideal for Those in Search of a British Getaway

This also partially explains the rising number of UK citizens who are looking to travel within the confines of Britain, as they look to secure a strong Internet connection and maintain communication with employers and recruiters. Cornwall remains an endearingly popular location, with a number of resorts and attractions to suit a broad range of tastes. Consider the following: –

  • St. Ives: This is a town that has everything, from a picturesque harbor area to an abundance of modern caf├ęs, shops and eateries. It is also a region renowned for its artwork, and in recent times the city has developed something of a cosmopolitan and continental culture. It combines this with traditional market villages and narrow, cobbled streets, which ensures that older visitors can also reminisce about days gone by.
  • Penzance: One location that has retained its identity and resisted the trappings of regeneration is Penzance, which remains an historic market town with a host of interesting building and Celtic heritage. The Penlee House and Newlyn Galleries pay homage to this rich history, and are must see attractions fro those with a love of culture and a thirst for learning. The town also boasts spectacular coastal views, so there is something to both every conceivable taste and preference.
  • Gwithian and Godrevy Hayle: These two beaches are located at the end of St. Ives bay, and boast spectacular views of the Godrevy Lighthouse. Easily accessible during a stay in St.Ives, it represents an ideal day trip for travellers looking to relax and unwind in the most tranquil of surroundings. These beaches are also particularly popular among water sport enthusiasts, while the nearby village of Hayle is well worth a visit during your stay.

These locations represent just some of the delights that Cornwall has to offer, so be sure to conduct thorough research prior to booking your trip. For further assistance, consider visiting at your earliest convenience.

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