The 3 Leading Fishing Resorts in the UK

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While recent research conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has suggested that British seaside towns suffer from above average levels of depredation, these locations remain enduringly popular among young families and couples nationwide. They also have special appeal among fishing enthusiasts, and the revenue generated from tourism is critical if they are to thrive and prosper in the years ahead.

The 3 Leading Fishing Resorts in the UK

Fishing Resorts in the UK

If you are a fishing enthusiast who is keen to book a trip away this autumn, it is important to fully appraise your range of options prior to making a financial commitment. Consider the following seaside locations as being among the finest that Britain has to offer: –


If we are to experience an Indian summer, then a trip to Whitby will provide the ideal fusion of relaxation and successful fishing. Home to numerous species of fish including cod, bass and flounders, you can bask in the splendour of a vast and sun-kissed harbour while patiently waiting for the catch of the day. You also have the option of heading out to sea in a charter boat, but if this is not your scene then you can also enjoy eel fishing at the harbour or from the local pier.


Given that Northumberland is home to the world renowned Lake District, it stands to reason that it should be popular among fisherman. With a host of beautiful rivers, tarns and waterways accessible all year round, amateur and professional fisherman can ply their trade in the quest for trout, cod, mackerel, ling and even pollock. Day passes to the West Water Angling Club are available to visitors, meaning that fishing can even feature as part of a more diverse. family holiday.

St. Ives

Perhaps Cornwall’s most idyllic town, St. Ives is a cosmopolitan destination that offer something for everyone. It’s fishing is of a particularly high standard, with numerous seas and charter boats accessible to visitors from January through until December. While sea fishing is a notoriously difficult practice, however, it also one of the most rewarding and the waterways of St. Ives are filled with mackerel, cod, pollock, haddock and many more species beside.

The Last Word Fisherman

With these locations easily accessible at various junctures throughout the UK, your main concern as a fisherman is ensuring that you have the very best equipment and suitable attire. To guarantee this, visit Fishing Hut today and consider the latest range of products and garments on the consumer market.

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