The 10 Most Visited Countries in Asia

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During recent times Asia has turned out to be the preferred choice of millions around the world as a perfect holiday destination and the most visited countries in Asia definitely promise to offer travellers with an experience like never before.

1. Malaysia


The amazing beaches, natural beauty and excellent shopping opportunities are some of the key factors behind the huge popularity of Malaysia as a travel destination. The country is also popular for different water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and more.

2. China


International visitors arrive in millions every year in China and the country has quickly become one of the most visited countries in Asia. Some of the top attractions of the country include terracotta Army, Great Wall of China and city of Shanghai.

3. Thailand


Thailand is another country that is incredibly preferred by international visitors throughout the year. Starting from its tropical beaches to pristine beaches, the country has a lot to offer to its visitors.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The free port status of the country attracts large number of visitors looking to purchase luxury goods at amazingly affordable prices. It has been estimated that nearly 9 million visitors come to the country every year.

5. Macau


Macau grants free visa entry for more than sixty nationalities. But, the large number of visitors achieved by the country is mainly because of the fact that it is regarded as leading gambling center of the world.

6. India


This incredibly diverse, huge and historic travel destination is frequented by millions of tourists every year from different parts of the globe. It is a highly visited country of Asia with numerous historical attractions, national parks, temples and not to forget, plenty of natural beauty.

7. South Korea

South Korea

Nearly ten million international tourists arrive at this magnificent country every year. Busan, Jeju Island is some of the peak attractions of the country offering visitors with sandy beaches, hiking trails, casinos and more.

8. Indonesia


The Indonesian archipelago consists of more than six thousand islands promising to offer travellers with some of the best white sand beaches luxurious resorts and temples. Indonesia is also well known for its water sport activities.

9. Japan


Japan compared to other countries of Asia attracts less number of visitors each year, primarily because of the fact that every traveller has to arrive in the country by air as there are hardly any other routes.

10. Singapore


Singapore boasts of huge number of visitors mainly because it is strategically located close to Indonesia and Malaysia. Singapore is a modern city with plenty of natural as well as artificial attractions for the tourists.

The most visited countries in Asia have their unique appeal, charm, beauty and charisma that draws travelers from different parts of the world to admire their natural beauty, modern cities as well as heritage and culture that has paved way for a brighter future.

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