The 10 Best Nude Beaches in the United States

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Though, there are not that many nude beaches in the US, but a few of the best nude beaches in the United States offer nudists with the perfect opportunity to soak in the sun and the sand without any risks of harassment or embarrassment.

1. Little Beach, Hawaii

The kittle beach is famous for whale watching, body surfing, surfing, swimming and nude sunbathing. The beach attracts naturists from different parts and certainly a great place to relax and enjoy.

2. Haulover Beach, Florida

This clothing optional beach is located close to Bal Harbor and offers a great amount of privacy to all the beach goers. The beach is famous for its amazing clear water and the white sands.

3. Baker Beach, California

Baker Beach, California

The stunning views of Golden Gate Bridge from the beach are simply unavoidable. This place is frequented by several nude sunbathers and definitely a well-known nude beach in the United States. However, bathing in the ocean is not at all recommended as the water can be seriously cold.

4. Black’s Beach, California


The Black’s Beach is sandwiched between Torrey Pines and La Jolla State Beach. The best part about this beach is that it is extremely secluded as visitors are required to hike down steep rugged path to reach the place.

5. Kehena Beach, Hawaii

When it comes to privacy, this black sands beach is the choice of most nude sunbathers as it is located quite a distance away from the tourist trail. It is situated on Big Island’s eastern tip.

6. Gunnison Beach, New Jersey

The Gunnison Beach nude beach located on East Coast is a place where one can find well-tanned guys and well-toned girls roaming around or just lying on the beach with bothering about other looking on.

7. Collins Beach, Oregon

This non-coastal beach is extremely popular among the locals and nearly seventy five percent of the people on the beach choose to stay nude. The beach is located on Columbia River’s Sauvie Island.

8. San Gregorio, California

San Gregorio, California

The 2 mile long beach is absolutely stunning with magnificent views of the surroundings. This beach happens to the oldest of the nude beaches presently in the country.

9. Lighthouse Beach, New York

Lighthouse Beach, New York

New Yorkers escape from their clothes and the stifling heat in this picturesque beach. This beach is actually a topless beach and nudity is only permitted at the beach’s center close to the lighthouse.

10. UFO Beach, Texas

Locals have named the beach as UFO beach mainly due to its eccentric buoy. The beach comes to life especially during spring break festivities when its gets crowded with college kids ready to party and go wild.

These are the best nude beaches in the United States that attract thousands of visitors every year from different corners of the country looking for that perfect tan during the summer months.

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