Special 5 Autumn Favorite Destinations in the World

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Autumn is a season which calls for vacations, travelling with friends and family while taking a break from the normal works of life. As it happens once every year people need to make the most out of it. There can be a long list of best autumn destinations from every corner of the world. The list below compiles 5 autumn favorite destinations from different corners of the planet.

1. Maryland, Pennsylvania

Known as the Great Allegheny Passage, this is a place which is located in the state of Maryland and Pennsylvania, USA. It presents a spectacular rail trail which is 141 miles in length and passes through a thick forest with rivers on its sides. The stretch is constructed on the abandoned railroad beds where no vehicle is allowed to pass. Only cyclists can go through, that too within the speed limit of 15 miles per hour. During the month of autumn the popular Appalachian Festival takes place which is a major attraction for the visitors. This festival includes loads of local music and dance with display of local forms of art and craft.

Maryland, Pennsylvania

2. Milford Sound

Travelling down south to the Australasian continent in New Zealand the Fiordland National Park is a delight for autumn holidays. Featuring at number three of our list of 5 Autumn favorite destinations, it is a park which is located to the southern part of the big islands. Home to Milford Sound Fjord, it has some of the most dramatic cliffs, stunning waterfalls, and amazing rainforests. At the best times, visitors would have the opportunity to spot seals, dolphins, sea lions or penguins.

Milford Sound

3. San Diego, California

Another location in the United States which lists in the 5 autumn favorite destinations is San Diego. The reason for this to be popular is the low intensity of crowd which visits the place every year. Although rains are quite high in the month of November the autumn months are quite pleasant to keep the visitors warm. On a vacation this place would offer the opportunity to swim with some lovely marine life. Other things to enjoy here include the Kite Surfing at Mission Bay Park or the beaches of San Onofre State Beach. To provide a trip to the iceberg, the coastal drive along the 101 Highway presents some amazing coastal view and experience.

San Diego, California

4. Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a perfect setting for a family vacation which presents the most beautiful coastline in UK. It is 60 miles south of London and boasts of maritime tradition which dates back as early as the 9th century. It is popular for being the home of Charles Dickens and is a place which brings the time of 1800s to life through its museums and other exhibits.


5. Hokkaido

Not known to many, Japan has one of the loveliest autumn vacation destinations in the world. It lists at number 5 for the list of 5 autumn favorite destinations but is as popular as any. It is the second biggest and the northern most tip of the Japanese island which has been known for its rugged terrain. The region presents wonderful mountain ranges, lush green forests clubbed with scenic volcanic lakes. The places of interest include Daisetsuzan National Park and Shiretoko National Park.


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