Some of the Best Destinations for a European River Cruise

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Europe is known the world over for its pristine destinations. Millions of globetrotters every year find different ways to travel to Europe wishing to explore the adventure and experience the romance that the place has to offer. Travelling in Europe is a bit expensive to be honest; but there are some really thrifty ways to enjoy the trip to Europe if you have the knack. While many think that travelling by bus or budget airlines is the cheapest way to travel around Europe, what really is more enjoyable and budget friendly is traveling by a cruise. The earlier you book your tickets, the more cheaper it gets.

Enjoying the timeless beauty of some of the great European rivers including the Danube, the Rhine, the Seine, the Elbe and the Maine is possible in fact only with great waterways and many of the cruise lines you just that while you enjoy and relax on a river cruise. Traveling by a river cruise is also a more intimate experience when compared to travelling by a bus, train or any budget airline. Here is a rundown of some of the best destinations to consider while cruising across Europe.

Amsterdam to Budapest

Travelling by cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest is the best experience anyone could have as the trip offers a magical experience for everyone. This voyage is a very popular itinerary for many cruise operators as the travelers get to see the magical rivers while also enjoying the vineyards and tulip fields.

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Paris to Prague

A cruise trip from Paris to Prague offers a lot more than the picturesque landscapes and gracious culture. Travelers will also get to see many of the small towns that are rich in their heritage. There are also many seasonal traditions that cannot be missed while relaxing in the scenic Moselle and Rhine rivers. Travelers will also get to sample the wines of the region while cruising through Germany.

Day cruises

Day cruises let the travelers purchasing a day pass to switch between different boats and also to disembark for a shore excursion. There are different routes that cover historical sites across different rivers. These type of trips are ideal for travelers who wish to have quick sightseeing.

Self-guided tours

For travelers who want to be their own captains, renting a small boat is the ideal option that offers more flexibility. However, the number of passengers is limited with this kind of a trip. Many boats can be rented for few days and the passengers can explore the shores of the rivers and also enjoy walking the trails of small villages across the shores.

Maximum flexibility is what the travelers get hiring these boats and they can set their own pace too while exploring the waters. While a day cruise is a best option for travelers on a busy schedule, self-guided tours are ideal for travelers on a flexible schedule. Traveling the historic European cities and villages that snugly line the river banks while experiencing the ancient and the modern blend of cultures is more accessible and possible through river cruises.

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