Some of Sweden’s Best Attractions That People Love to Visit

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When it comes to choosing a perfect holiday destination, Sweden is preferred by most of the people. Sweden has a number of places that are flocked by the tourists every year. There are a number of places in the country worth visit. This Scandinavian country offers a treat for the tourists with its varied attractions. Here are some of Sweden’s best attractions.


People rarely think of visiting the beaches while in Sweden, there are some really wonderful ones in the country. The best of the beaches in the country of Sweden can be found at the Baltic island in Gotland. This beach is not just popular among the locals but is also visited by a number of tourists every year in the summer. There is the medieval Visby town that has got a charm of its own.

gotland sweden


Stockholm has everything that should attract the tourists. Places that are mostly visited by the tourists include the museums, places of historical importance, and the huge parks. The shops are trendy and the tourists love to shop there. What attracts them more is the vibrant night life of the place. Just near Stockholm is an archipelago of twenty four thousand islands. The city is clean and safe as well.

stockholm sweden


Mining has always occupied a special position when it came to traveling and touring. A large number of Sweden’s best attractions are made up by mining. The top three mining sites in the country include the Kiruna and Gallivare iron ores in Lapland, and Falun copper mine. The tourists can also book some guided tour and then go for it themselves.


Lake Siljan

The lake holds a very significant place in the Swedish tradition and the Swedish folklore centres on the Lake Silijan. The lake is in central Sweden, in Dalarna. The place also counts among the popular holiday destinations in the country. The Leksand receives large number of tourists who are intent on seeing the midsummer pole set up. The tourists can also indulge themselves in the local taste and flavour as they watch the folk dancing in the town of Rattvik. Orsa with its bear park is also famous among the tourists.

Lake Siljan sweden


This is also known as the Inland Railway. Those that love train journeys would definitely to go for a ride around the Arctic Circle. Inlandsbanan starts from Kristinehamn that is at the side of the lake Vanern, and goes to the Wilderness that is near Gallivare, in Lapland. The tourists can have his own wish whether he chooses to stop where he wants or board the train again after spending the night.

Inlandsbanan sweden

National parks

There are a number of national parks in the country of Sweden and they count under Sweden’s best attractions. There are natural reserves as well in this country that attract a large number of travelers around the globe every year.

National parks

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