Visiting Some of the Best Restaurants in London

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London is a great place to go when considering a trip to spend the holidays. Tourists travelling to London literally get confused most of the times as they are faced with the huge number of restaurants available in this historical city. The restaurants here offer not just good food, but also offer the perfect ambience for all travellers. Discussed here are some of the best restaurants in London where the budgets range between high and low.

In short, these restaurants cater to the demands of all pocket sizes. These restaurants, as are discussed down, show great variety in terms of cuisines.

Hawksmoor Seven Dials

The restaurant is located in Coventry Garden on 11 Langley Road. The entrance is a little hidden one and once you enter the restaurant it offers a feel of being in a century old manor. However, the restaurant was started toward the end of 2010. The cuisine is delicious and boasts really high quality foods. The pocket pinch can be around 50 pounds for each head.

hawksmoor seven dials london

Hereford Road

The British cuisine had not been as popular till 1997 as it is today. The cuisine of Britain gained the propelling force as Tom Pemberton worked on it with this restaurant. The restaurant finds location on 3 Hereford Road. The cuisine here has the typically bold British flavour. There is a change in the menu the restaurant offers every day. The most popular items served here include the rains and kidneys of calves, lamb’s sweetbreads, and the typical British puddings.

hereford road restaurant london

Le Gavroche

The Le Gavroche has won the award for the “top table best food”. The restaurant holds Two Michelin stars as well. Le Gavroche has a countryside ambience for its customers when they enter the restaurant with the ambience transforming into that of the classic feel in the main restaurant. It counts among the best restaurants in London that are absolutely unpretentious and offers the best of the cuisines in the whole of the United Kingdom.

le gavroche restaurant london

The Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay

The restaurant is located at a little distance from the Coventry Garden and on The Strand. The restaurant forms part of Gordon Ramsay Empire of restaurants. Savoy Grill finds location in the Savoy Hotel that dates back to the year 1889. The restaurant got its former glory back recently. The cuisine served here draws inspiration from the classic items of France and Britain. The restaurant offers a unique selection of meat like the Herdwick mutton cutlets and Roe deer venison that are outstanding.

The Savoy Grill by Gordon Ramsay

Mezzanine Restaurant

Mezzanine Restaurant boasts of the best European cuisine that London offers. The restaurant offers modern European cuisine to the tourists and the locals, who love to be there. It finds location inside the National Theatre, situated on the Southbank, overlooking the Thames River. The dining room is designed in a more chic and fashionable way. The restaurant counts among the best restaurants in London.

 Mezzanine Restaurant

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