Top Celebrity Chef Restaurants in London

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Celebrity chef restaurants in London are visited by everyone from the world of entertainment and also by food lovers. Not only that, there is also every possibility that your taste buds can get manhandled by the celebrity chef himself. The following list will be covering some of the top celebrity chef restaurants in London.

1. Fifteen


This restaurant is made famous by the 2002 TV series Jamie’s Kitchen, featuring Jamie Oliver. Here you can expect the trademark delicious and quirky food of Jamie in a modern, celebrity-filled environment. The Mediterranean menu offered here is as locally-sourced and seasonal as possible, complemented ably by Fifteen’s laid-back vibe. The restaurant educates its trainee chefs by the money generated from its customers.

2. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

As far as the best celebrity chef restaurants in London are concerned, this one here is the big brother of all. Ramsay might be the first person to feature in many “Hate-Lists”, but this flagship restaurant of his is the only eatery in this city to boast 3 Michelin stars. More often it is seen that his private affairs and temper are providing more fodder to the media than his food is, but the restaurant’s delectable French menu, immaculate service and elegant interior makes it up for its famous chef’s “reputation”.

3. Rhodes 24

Rhodes 24

The unparalleled dining experience of this Michelin starred restaurant is created by the legendary Gary Rhodes. Located in City of London’s Tower 42, here you can dine on a typical Rhodes-esque menu while enjoying some breathtaking views of London.

4. The Berkeley

the berkeley

Coming from Marcus Wareing, a former protégé of Gordon Ramsay, the French menu offered by this 2 Michelin-starred restaurant (inside the Berkeley Hotel) can rival the best of the world. Plenty refers it to be among London’s best restaurants, The Berkeley will be giving you a dining experience that you’ll savor for months to come.

5. Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche

A brainchild of brothers Albert and Michel Roux, L Gavroche’s former trainees include the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White. Michel Roux Jr. presently runs the restaurant that offers a marvelous French menu, complemented by the 60,000-strong list of wines and the humble atmosphere.

6. Locanda Locatelli

Locanda Locatelli

Giorgio Locatelli, considered to be among the best Italian chefs currently based in London, is at the head of the matters here. The celebrity chef serves home-baked, authentic Italian food in sophisticated yet intimate surroundings.

7. Marco at Chelsea FC

Marco at Chelsea FC

Premier dining marries Premier League inside this restaurant of Marco Pierre White. Many describes him to be the Godfather of modern cooking, Marco fused modern British food with French cuisine that led him to create a spectacular dining experience that you cannot miss whenever you visit this great city.

8. Corrigan’s Mayfair

Corrigan's Mayfair

For a no-nonsense and honest British cuisine, you have to visit this restaurant created by acclaimed chef Richard Corrigan. Inspired by the rural and humble upbringing of Corrigan, the menu combines style and luxury with down-to-earth cooking.

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