Some of the Best Restaurants in Paris

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French cuisine is amongst the most popular and tasted cuisines in the world. These best restaurants in Paris are simply being the torch-bearers and carry the trend forward. But before diving straight into the streets of Paris, one must make sure that these restaurants practise an unorthodox method when it comes to doing justice to their culinary delights.

1. Le Meurice

Le Meurice

For those who want to take back home an experience of Gallic gastronomic sumptuousness, this is the place to be. Philippe Starck redecorated the place several years back, and now the place features crystal chandeliers, mosaic floor and heavy damask curtains, with the magnificent space being animated by friendly but old-school service. Chef Yannick Alléno won his third Michelin star back in 2007 with his inventive cooking being based on his knowledge of classical vintage culinary technique. Recent creations include green ravioli with fricassee of wild garlic and snails and split- roasted pigeon marinated with red wine.

2. Huîtrerie Régis

Huîtrerie Régis

This could be the ‘flagship restaurant’ of all the best restaurants in Paris. With a white interior and facade, this shop-front table is the perfect place in Paris to get hold of remarkably fresh oysters. The oysters are delivered from the Marennes-Oléron area. Depending upon the availability, sea urchins, clams and prawns can be added to the menu as well.

3. Spring


Located inside a 17th century building, this restaurant is run by Daniel Rose, a chef from Chicago. He shows how cosmopolitan the culinary talent of this city has become. Popular dishes include Basque country trout with coriander flowers and avocado and New Caledonian grilled prawns.

4. Macéo


Owned by Mark Williamson, this restaurant features oxblood walls, parquet floors and wedding cake mouldings. The menu by Chef Thierry Bourbonnais includes quite a few vegetable dishes. Also, the tasting menus are themed on a single vegetable like tomatoes or asparagus.

5. Les Tablettes

Les Tablettes

This restaurant has a dramatic basket-weave interior, with Jean-Louis Nomicos being the chief chef here. The contemporary French cooking of his has starters like artichokes barigoule and squid cooked with herbs, lemon and white wine.

6. Le Stella

Le Stella

Most of the storied brasseries of Paris are owned by corporate houses and practise in serving mediocre food. It gives immense pleasure to customers in visiting the last of the remaining independent ones for some well-prepared classics like roast lamb, steak tartare, sole meunière, escargots and onion soup.

7. Thoumieux


Rebooted by Jean-Francois Piège, this brasserie is known for its huge resident cat as it is known for the cassoulet. The slick Manhattan club decor and the new menu created quite a buzz. Here, one can order a delicious dish of paella comprised of cockles, baby clams, squid, langoustines and lobster.

8. Ze Kitchen Galerie

Ze Kitchen Galerie

This restaurant is styled like an art gallery with parquet floors, steel chairs and tables and is decorated with modern art. This popular restaurant from Chef William Ledeuil offers an amazing experience of modern-day French cooking.

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