Learn More About Low Budget Travel Destinations

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Low budget travel destinations are an extremely lucrative option during times of financial stress. Find out some of such destinations that give you pure pleasure without burning a hole in your pocket.

In spite of the fact that you might be on a tight budget, a holiday is generally the perfect stress reliever you are looking for. Affordable low budget travel destinations help you get away from the daily chores of life and enjoy time away from your work without affecting your financial requirements too much.

Beautiful Low Budget Travel Destinations – Portugal

Low budget travel destinationsPortugal is an amazing place to enjoy for those looking for cheap holiday destinations. The Algarve is the best place to visit. Though the major attraction of Portugal is Albufeira, you can also think of staying in the Montechoro strip resort if you do not have a fascination for ambience. The meals and drinks are delicious and inexpensive at the same time. But it is still easy to get a peg of local beer Superbock for just a Euro which is extremely appetizing when compared to Fosters or Tennents.

You can notice Gaffafeira shops walking down the Strip which are same as off shops selling licensed alcohols, snacks and other cocktails. You can also choose to have your alcohol sitting in the Gaffafeira shops. These shops are typically popular as you can grab a bottle of red and white Port for mere five Euros.

If you want to enjoy calm and quiet during your holidays consider visiting a rural destination. Duas Quintas, a guest house located near Silves, is an excellent choice for a quiet holiday. This rural part of Portugal has beautiful mountain scenery and is an excellent place to take a walk for sight. Near-by restaurants are relatively inexpensive as compared to regular restaurants and trails.

Spain – A Culturally Rich Low Budget Travel Destination

Spain is the best choice for people who like to travel cheap. This famous country is well-known for its low budget travel destinations such as Benidorm. For amazing deals, Costa Brava and Barcelona are just a short distance away by train. Most tourists think of saving money on food in Spain by going to low budget restaurants. However, this perception is erroneous as most standard hotels are at an affordable range and you can try them out for a more delicious range of assortments.

Visitors are usually asked to pay a premium for branded spirits while food is served in a buffet table. Costa Brava has delicious ice-cream parlors, restaurants and bars that are managed by British ex-pats all bidding a good feedback for a mere sum of money.


The La Bolsa Stock Exchange Bar of Barcelona is great to visit if you are planning for a low budget travel destination. The bars in Barcelona follow the concept of demand and supply in serving drinks to the visitors i.e. if majority of them are drinking beer, the price of other drinks will shoot up. So by making a judicious choice of drinks you can save on a lot of money.


The Balearic Islands of Ibiza is a great place for party lovers since it’s now a low budget travel destination as you can enjoy a trip to these islands for just 500 Euros. This place is quite famous and the party spirits of DJ’s Tiesto, David Guetta, Chelsey Davy, Snoop Dogg and David Cameron are often spotted here making it one of the most-liked low budget travel destinations for party lovers.

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