Knowing About the Rain Forests in the World

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Rain forests in the world play an important role in the Ecology of the Earth and they are also the oldest living ecosystems.

Rainforests are the life of the world as they are the abode for most of the species in the world. Over seven hundred million people depend on these rain forests in the world for their living. Most of the main food crops depend on the forests in different ways. Visiting these rain forests is a special experience as you might get a once-in-a-life-time travel experience. You might be enthralled to know that the entire forests bloom in various plumes of colours during the day while majority of the animals become highly active during nights.

Amazon rain forest

Interact with nature by visiting the rain forests in the world

Before you decide on a travel plan across the rain forests, it is best to do your bit of research to arrive at some of the top destinations of rain forests that would offer a memorable adventure. Costa Rica is one such destination that is well known for its rain forest in Corcovado. This is called as the most biologically intense place on the earth by National Geographic because of its lush greenery. This place is thronged by tourists every year and is a well know destination among the travellers. This 425 square kilometre area houses some of the endangered species of animals and birds such as the Jaguar, Baird’s Tapir and Ocelots.

There are many cheap eco lodges in this location that would give every traveller many memories to carry home. Another popular destination among rain forests in the worldis the Champasak Province that is known for its age old Khmer Ruins. This place is a scenic beauty with lush green dense forests and cascading waterfalls. You can watch some rare species such as Irrawaddy Dolphins, Yellow Cheeked Gibbons and Asian Elephants. There are also various tree top adventures that interest the tourists and also a three day hiking trip that leaves them asking for more.

Rain forests in the world – The paradise of every nature lover

Ancient rain forests in the world are the natural abodes of some very rare and endangered animals such as species of native bats, Clouded Leopard and the Bornean Orangutan. There are also night times safaris that would let you know the various activities of wild species of animals. Discover some of the best archaeological sites left by the ancient Tayrona Civilisation. This is also called as the Lost City. This area can be hiked by trekking for six days and you also get to watch humming birds, tapirs and deer. Nothing can beat the amazing beauty of the rain forests of the Amazon.

Enjoy long cruises on the river Amazon and your stay at the river facing lodges. It comprises of 33 % of the rain forest of the world and is the home to over 2.5 million species of insects along with other animals. You will also find plenty of fishes here and it is claimed that one out of five fishes is from this region. It also has endangered species of animals such as Poison Dart Frogs, Jaguars and Spider Monkeys. There is nothing in the world parallel to the enchanting beauty offered by the Rwanda’s Nyungwe rain forest as it is the largest protected forest in Africa and boasts of a high altitude location. Here, one can find some of the exotic varieties of rare orchid varieties, chimps and endemic birds.

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