Greece: The Perfect Mediterranean Holiday Location

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Despite fluctuating economic conditions and turbulent political events, Greece has remained a firm favourite with travellers from the UK and worldwide, as it has been for many decades now. With endless miles of turquoise blue oceans, swathes of unspoilt sandy beaches and a plethora of ancient ruins to explore, it’s not hard to see why many people think Greece is the pinnacle of Mediterranean holiday destinations.

If you are yet to experience the wonders of Greece, this should give you a flavour of what to expect, and help you to understand why so many people keep going back year after year.

Greece Mediterranean Holiday Location

The people

Generally, Greek locals are passionate people, vocal and enthusiastic, particularly when welcoming visitors. They enjoy nothing better than a great quality coffee and a hearty debate about politics, art or the neighbours, so expect to be welcomed to the country like a long-lost relative.

The weather

Year-round incredible weather means you’d have to be really unlucky to visit Greece and experience rain every day. The conditions are not too hot and certainly not cool, and if you enjoy dipping your toes in the ocean, you can expect a balmy temperature all year round. The pleasant but not overbearing heat means you could be just as comfortable sipping a cocktail on the beach as you would be taking a hike in the mountains.


The capital of Athens needs little introduction, and offers visitors a real taste of the past thanks to iconic sights like the Parthenon. Also there is the incredible site of Delphi, as well as the Kerameikos, a site of an ancient cemetery. The antiquity of the city means it is absolutely packed full of amazing museums and galleries, housing some of the most valuable treasures of ancient Greece that anyone has ever seen.

The islands

With stunning vistas across the water to the silhouettes of other islands in the distance, glorious sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, and never more than a few steps from a great value beach bar, the Greek Islands have everything a visitor could want. Inland of the islands, intrepid travelers will discover traditional villages, beautiful temples and world class museums too.

The food

The cuisine of Greece is a hedonistic fusion of traditional indigenous flavors mixed with influences from neighboring Turkey and Italy. The diet is typically Mediterranean, based around vegetables, herbs and locally sourced grains, but being a coastal nation, seafood plays a massive part in the menu too. For an authentic Greek experience, head away from the tourist areas to smaller towns and villages where you will be served gyros, souvlaki and deliciously creamy tzatziki.

The bargain holidays

Greece is relatively close to the UK, being only around three or four hours from most British airports, so there will be no worries about jetlag when you get their either. Out of season, if you go through popular discount holiday brokers; holidays to Greece can be booked for a fraction of the cost of a summer trip, and even summer breaks can be found at bargain prices.

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