Few of the Top Things to Do in Dublin

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Dublin is undoubtedly a great Irish city and the top things to do in Dublin can make a traveler even more acquainted with the sights and sounds of the city that make it even more special in different ways.


Dublin Bus Tour

For those who are visiting Dublin for the first time, the best way to get a feel of the city is through a double-decker Dublin bus tour. The whole tour can last for about seventy five minutes featuring twenty one stops. Another great part about this Dublin bus tour is that, travellers can get down anywhere and board the next bus when they feel the need to move on.

Make a Visit to Guinness Storehouse

Among the things to do in Dublin, making a visit to Guinness Storehouse is certainly worth the experience. Beer lovers can immediately identify the place as Guinness Beer is famous all over the world. The storehouse remains open all days of the week and travellers are offered with the opportunity to experience the 250-year-old history associated with Guinness Storehouse. After a visit to the brewing facilities, travellers can enjoy a refreshing Guinness pint at the Gravity Bar located on the roof of the storehouse.

Trinity College Tour

While in Dublin, a chance to visit to the famous and extremely popular Trinity College shouldn’t be missed at any chance. Established by Queen Elizabeth I in the year 1592, the college apart from being the first university of Dublin also serves as home to the extremely important Book of Kells. This is also the place which was attended by some of the literary geniuses like Samuel Becket, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and many others.

Listen to Buskers Entertaining the Passers-By

Most people are well aware of the fact that Dublin is extremely popular as a place that has produced many musical greats like Thin Lizzy, U2, the Frames and various songwriters and singers. Those who wish to experience the musical talent of Dublin for free should keep an eye out for the buskers. From Grafton Street to Temple Bar and different locations of the city, elaborate orchestral groups or lone guys with guitars can be spotted showcasing their music talent for free.

A Relaxed City Walk

A city walk is one of the great things to do in Dublin if one wishes to get a real feel of the pulse of Dublin. The place is never short of activities and great moments are easily available to capture within the lens of the camera. The essence of Dublin can be encountered only in places where one doesn’t pay attention to like overheard conversations in pubs, bus queues, etc.

Instead of going by the usual traveler way, the top things to do in Dublin showcase the real charm of this magnificent city which can appeal to those who have an eye for unique and different things in life.

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