Enthralling Beauty of Top 5 Islands in French Polynesia

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There are several top islands in French Polynesia and they have been a popular choice of many tourists from across the globe. The varied landscape of the place with its desert like atolls, majestic waterfalls and beautiful mountains certainly make this place a paradise for nature lovers.


Majority of international tourists prefer Tahiti as the first island to visit while travelling to French Polynesia. It is from here that they start their journey towards other far flung islands. The water valleys and mountains of Tahiti are definitely worth exploring by a 4WD or by foot. July is the preferred time for visiting Tahiti as the Heiva festival takes place during that time.


Bora Bora

This square peaked majestic island definitely deserves a mention among the popular islands in French Polynesia. This is the place where one can find the beautiful overwater bungalows where the glass coffee tables offer an opportunity to peek into fish-filled waters. The island is full of luxurious resorts along with several small hotels. Sites like Tapu and Anau are well known dive sites for manta ray encounters and lemon shark sightings.

Bora Bora Islands


It takes a short time to reach Mo’orea from Tahiti and this is the place where one can expect a perfect tropical holiday. Intensely blue lagoon, luxury resorts and white beaches make this place all the more beautiful and magnificent. A trip to Opunohu Valley is ideal for adventure lovers as there are quite a few Polynesian temples hidden inside the jungle waiting to be explored.

Moorea Island French Polynesia


The spectacular waterfront village, plenty of beaches and fewer infrastructures make Huahine an ideal gateway for travelers who want to enjoy the warm Polynesian bliss away from the crowds. Many term it to be the best island among all the islands in French Polynesia. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it offers travelers with the opportunity to get indulged in its simple and uncomplicated way of village life and forget about everything else.

Huahine Island

The Tuamotus

Surrounded by lagoons rich with fish, sharks, corals and rays, the Tuamotus is a must-visit place while visiting French Polynesia. The most developed and largest atoll is the Rangiroa which is famous for scuba diving through passes that are shark filled. The afternoons can be spent watching the dolphins in Tiputa Pass. The UNESCO Biosphere reserve located on Fakarava lagoon is quite popular for its manta rays, reef sharks, barracuda and tuna. Boat excursions are also available for non-divers where they can visit ‘Lagon Bleu’, the indescribably blue lagoon area surrounded by spectacular white sand beach.

The Tuamotus Island

The islands in French Polynesia are considered among the most beautiful islands across the world. Rich in natural beauty the place proves to be a spectacular travel destination, especially for beach lovers. Be it the coral reefs, abundant sea life, or the amazing sea food the place attracts millions of tourists each year.

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