Knowing the Emergency Desert Survival Gear While Travelling

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Travelling in a desert is a lot more different than traveling to other regions of the world but with the right desert survival gear you can be sure to face any challenging situations.

Planning to take a trip to desert can be very exciting but you also have to remember that you may experience the worst travel nightmares that would make the trip a disaster. To escape this condition it is necessary that you should be aware of the desert survival gear that would let you safeguard yourselves during some extreme conditions. This would enable you to be well prepared in advance and also to be ready to face any unfortunate situation at the desert.

Desert Survival Gear

Safeguarding yourselves with the desert survival gear

There might be various occasions where you would run out of water and might be dehydrated and left stranded in the desert. Getting a gulp of drinking water in a desert is not an easy task but it is crucial to try various methods to attain water. One such method is purifying the water with the help of solar water purifiers that help in drinking clean water in such crucial situations.

You can also get drinking water with the help of some household items. For this, you might need a plastic cover and condensation bag. Dig a hole in the desert soil and cover the hole with a plastic bag.

The heat from the Sun would transfer the water by evaporating it to the plastic bag. This way you will get water in its condensed form inside the cover. Pour this in to a bottle or container to collect water. There might also be various low lying areas or a stream bed in the desert that might have a less amount of water inside them. This would also help you to find lot of water using this method or digging deep holes in stream beds or other low lying beds. This would act as a desert survival gear and ensure that you might not suffer from thirst and dehydration.

Essential things that might be handy in desert survival gear

Carry things that are essential for shelter such as tents, lean shelter, and sandwich shelters. There should also be plenty of blankets to stay away from the cold winds at night. Have water filters, matches that are water proof, hooks, knives, pen knives, energy bars, granola bars, flares, metal matches, mirrors with small signals and sinkers. Also ensure that you have antiseptic cream or lotions, band aids, cotton pads, antibiotics, sterile gauge, ointments, aspirin, stretch wrap, roll of bandages, scissors, tweezers, wipes and other prescribed regular medication you are taking along with the first aid kit.

Also remember to have navigational equipments such as maps, GPS system, smart phones, topography maps, compass, radio, satellite phone etc. This would enable you to navigate through the desert and find any nearby location or hotel or store where you may seek help. Always have more than what you anticipate when it comes to stocking food, water and fuel. This might help you stay well fed and hydrated for a long time. Have some extra batteries, non allergic medicines, gloves, socks etc to make sure that you have a long-lasting hold in case of any emergency until you find help.

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