Check out the 10 wild Brazilian Holidays

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For years, Brazil has been popular for being among the most vibrant countries in South America. The place draws thousands of tourists from the world over. When it comes to wild holidays it has loads of places to offer. The best 10 wild Brazilian holidays have been discussed below:

1. Itacare

Itacare is a place which is situated in the southern part of Salvador. For the adventure seekers, the wild waves at the beaches during the month of July are a perfect setting for a wild holiday.


2. Brasilia

Now it’s a place for the urban holidayers. Popular as a futuristic city, Brasilia has got the crown of UNESCO World Heritage City. Visiting this place would certainly be different as it’s much different from any other modern city of the world.


3. Pantanal

Jungle is certainly a place which should be an essential element for being in the list of 10 wild Brazilian Holidays. Pantanal does make it to the list with its world’s largest fresh water wetland and the collection of both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Staying at the jungle resorts amidst the wildlife can be real fun.


4. Paraty

Surrounded by mountains and dense forests, Paraty is a colonial town that could be a great place for lazy holidays. Walks around the Ilha Grande makes the holiday real wild as the place has no roads to walk on and is completely rugged.


5. Corcovado Mountain

Well Mountains can be real fun when on a holiday. With the 40-meter tall statue of Jesus the Corcovado Mountain is an iconic place to visit when in Rio de Janeiro.

Corcovado Mountain

6. Ipanema

Coming to another destination which can be a great holiday destination for the sea lovers, Ipanema and its sea beaches attract tourists from the world over. Enjoying a bottle of Caipirinha that is soaked inside the sea is a famous attraction to the place.


7. Florianopolis

Escaping the urban rush or avoiding the winter months for a few days and heading to Florianopolis can have some adventure for every visitor. There are loads of activities such as sun bathing on the sunny beaches or partying at the beach every night.


8. Bonito

For the cave and river lovers this is a place that need not be missed. With pools of the luminescent waters the entire city of Bonito is bordered by conservation area. The Calcium deposits in the bedrock of the waterfalls, or the amazing marine life is a must see for every person visiting this place.


9. Iguacu Falls

Waterfalls are certainly wild and the Iguacu falls certainly deserves to be among the list of 10 wild Brazilian holidays. It has almost 275 waterfalls giving one of the best views from any waterfalls in the world.

Iguacu Falls

10. Sao Paulo

Finally to complete the list of 10 wild Brazilian holidays it would be incomplete without mentioning Sao Paulo and its large skyscrapers. The big shopping malls and the vibrant nightlife would certainly make up for a great holiday here.

Sao Paulo

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