Best Romantic Tropical Honeymoon Destinations

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Honeymoon is special for all as it is the first vacation that the two souls spend together. It leaves behind those memories which would be cherished by the couple during their lifetime. Now, while planning for honeymoon, the most crucial problem that has to be solved is finding the right romantic tropical honeymoon destinations. It’s natural that the choice will be based upon the couples taste and preferences and what would seem most appealing to them. When one thinks of a romantic honeymoon destination, the first thing that comes out is a tropical destination with sunny days, romantic moon walks on night and candle lit dinners. There is more.

Hawaii Islands

Hawaii Islands

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations, Hawaii has many beautiful and exotic islands to offers to the honeymooners. It has most impressive islands which are affordable and the travel time is too less. The numerous beach resorts have plenty of activities that can be attraction for most of the couples. Oahu is a wonderful island to visit for them who love different tourist attractions. Those who prefers calm and peaceful atmosphere, Kauai and Maui would suit them most. You can spend your special days in a single island or just hop from one to another. Even the locals would do their best to make the vacation a special one for the couples. Check out he best vacation rentals on Kauai when you plan your Hawaiian vacation.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora

The islands of south pacific too are quite exotic for the couples for their first romantic vacationing. What can be better experience than taking your newlywed bride or groom to the water bungalows in Bora Bora? Here one would get the perfect combination of serene, romantic and relaxing days. The days would seem just like fairy tale with your princess by your side. There are so many things to do, like relaxing at the luxury spas or scuba diving or snorkeling or just walking over the white sands for miles holding the hands of your beloved. Worst part of this dream is that it has to end and you have to leave this island paradise to return to your home with overwhelming experience.



Another lovely place to visit is Fiji islands where only 100 islands are inhabited among 330 islands. Either you chose to stay in the main island or take shuttle to visit the outer islands. The most popular island among these is Mamanuca which has lovely beach and in the night romantic beach candle lit dinner. The beaches are great to enjoy and these islands also offers a charming holiday for the new couple.

There are so many other destinations like Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Seychelles which have their own appeal for the couples. What is most required while choosing among these destinations are the choice of the couples and the time period that they have in their hand. Honeymoon is the first days of one’s life when they spend life together for the first time with the promise of spending many such beautiful days together.

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    Really wonderful places for honeymoon.The destinations are just fantastic. Packages And activities are really awesome.


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